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Basic introduction of solar panels

By admin | 31 08, 2021 Published | 80 view

The solar panels are the device that converts light energy into electricity. Generally used in photovoltaic power stations.Power supply is not convenient places.The main material of most solar panels is silicon. However, its widespread use is limited due to its high production cost. Compared with ordinary batteries and rechargeable batteries, solar panel are green products with more energy saving and environmental protection. Solar panels are used in many fields, such as transportation and communication.


Where do the solar panels fit?

The solar panels will now be designed for buildings that require green building and energy-saving design. Solar panels are mainly used in household appliances. Solar energy can efficiently use light energy to heat and save electricity consumption. Many older buildings can also be fitted with solar panels, as long as there are places for them to be fixed, such as sill walls above and below Windows. Now the major brands also produce photoelectric dual-use too energy water heater.It is deeply energy-saving.


Service life of solar panels

The life of solar panels depend on the material it is made of. Silicon solar panels typically last 15 to 25 years. But as the environment influences, the materials of solar panels will age over time. In general, the power will decay by 30% after 20 years and 70% after 25 years.

Can solar panels work without batteries?

Solar panels are simply devices that convert light energy into electricity. But solar panels don't store electricity. Solar panels produce a high electromotive force when the light is strong. Low light can only produce a low electromotive force. The output voltage is too unstable to properly power electrical equipment. The unstable voltage generated by the solar power generation board is converted into the voltage suitable for charging the battery through the voltage conversion module.