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Washington Relying on Solar Power to Meet Its Renewable Energy Goals

By admin | 20 08, 2021 Published | 71 view

Washington Relying on Solar Power to Meet Its Renewable Energy Goals


The Clean Energy Plan aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2032, enabling to achieve  its renewable energy goals,setting the district on a path to renewable energy by 2032, with 10% of electricity from solar by 2041. The Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia (DCPSC) plays a key role to meet its energy and climate goals.


The DCPSC found a significant increase in solar power generation across the region. The DCPSC strives to improve the rules together with relevant personnel. The DCPSC implemented three major changes in order to promote the adoption of solar energy.


The first one, elimination of the requirement that a community renewable energy facility (CREF) connect directly to the distribution system. This change helps to reduce the cost of virtual CREF development along with security.

The second one,Issuance of two Notices of Proposed Rulemaking to further enhance and accelerate interconnection for renewable energy facilities, including CREFs.

The third one,revision to net energy metering (NEM) rules allowing individual BTM generators to exceed of customers' historical usage and customer payment for excess generation.The DCPSC has made great efforts to meet the goals which is recommended and approved.This measure, to a certain extent, promotes the use of solar energy, making a key step for the low-carbon earth.