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Energy Storage Step Forward with Second-life Batteries

By admin | 20 08, 2021 Published | 73 view

According to market reports, most ev batteries are replaced when they fail to meet the performance standard of 80% of available capacity. This behavior is very bad for the environment and energy storage. As a result, some battery manufacturers, along with start-ups and utilities, are looking to use these waste batteries for energy storage.


Many companies have made their own efforts for the second-life  batteries. American Electric Power and Honda have explored possible uses for used batteries. Nissan piloted second-life battery use on the grid as early as 2015. It says batteries have been designed with a view to reusing them.


According to a 2019 report by McKinsey, by 2030 the rise of electric vehicles will result in a supply of second-life batteries totaling more than 200 GWh Lithium -ion utility-scale storage for low- and high-cycle applications combined. Battery reuse in various industries and companies have very objective prospects.But, there are also some problems. The safety of stored batteries in battery reuse is a concern for all companies. In the process of battery reuse, it is easy to occur such a situation that the batteries in lithium ion batteries overheat, leading to fire. This is a huge threat to battery storage.


The reuse of batteries is of great significance for environmental protection and energy storage. In the future, to ensure the safety of battery reuse, the government should improve relevant laws and regulations. Industries should strive to promote the safety of battery reuse procedures.