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2-3 Solar radiation is a constant source of energy

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The sun is an inexhaustible source of solar energy, its diameter is about 1.39x106km, is 109 times the Earth's diameter. The volume of the sun is 1.42x1027m3, 1.3 million times that of the Earth, its quality 1.98x1027t, is more than 330,000 times the mass of the earth. The sun constantly to the surrounding space to emit huge energy, its total amount of 3.865x1026J per second, while the Earth received the energy is only the total issued by the sun one of 2.2 billion. Nevertheless, there are as many as 1.765x1017J per second, equivalent to standard coal 6x106t The following figure shows the relationship between solar energy and the Earth's energy.
Solar radiation originated in the sun's high temperature, high pressure under the thermonuclear fusion reaction. Accordingly, the following two statements.

1. Carbon and nitrogen cycle. The reaction process of carbon and nitrogen cycle is

Carbon and nitrogen cycle

2. Hydrogen-Hydrogen chain reaction. Hydrogen-hydrogen chain reaction of the reaction process

Hydrogen-Hydrogen chain reaction

The results of the above two thermonuclear reactions are about four hydrogen nuclear fusion into a helium core, while releasing a lot of energy, as shown in the following formula

Solar radiation is a constant source of energy

Where Δm denotes the mass loss in the reaction

When the four hydrogen nuclei into a helium nucleus, a mass loss occurs, that is, the quality of a helium core (6.6477x10-27kg) than the quality of the four hydrogen nuclei (4x1.672648x10-27kg=6.690592x10-27kg) was small 4.29x10-29kg. This part of the loss of quality, according to Einstein's quality and energy relations, there


Where E is the collar; m is the mass, c is the speed of light (3x108m/s). It can be seen, 1kg Quality Section to 9x1016J of energy. That is, a quality loss of 4.29x10-29kg occurred, there will be corresponding



Of the energy emitted. The sun releases 3.865x1026J of energy per second, and the solar lifetime is still 5x109 years at the current rate of thermal reaction. Solar energy can really be described as "" "inexhaustible, inexhaustible.

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