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8 The Total Solar Irradiance on The Slope

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-24 11:38:48
The total solar irradiance Iθ on the slope is composed of three parts: the direct irradiance I, the scattered irradiance I and the reflected illuminance I, expressed by the formula

Iθ= IDθ+ Idθ+ IRθ(w/m2)

Direct illumination on the slope I

Figure 1-6 shows that the total energy of solar radiation is constant


As can be seen from Figure 1-7, the direct amplitude on the inclined plane can be obtained by the solar direct illuminance IDN and the incident angle θt of the solar fiber in the vertical plane. It is also possible to use the direct solar illumination IDH in the horizontal plane with the incident angle θt, the elevation angle αs or Azimuth angle θz .
As can be seen from Figure 1-7, the angle of incidence at the latitude Ф is equal to the zenith angle on the horizon of Ф-β in the dimension.

For the horizontal plane, β = 0

I = IDNcosθz

The solar radiation incident angle θt cosine is
In the formula,γs is the oblique azimuth angle, that is, the inclination angle between the projection line of the slope normal line and the north-south direction line, б is the declination angle and ω is the hour angle.
Recuperate on the slope of the direct radiation radiation and slope of the relationship between azimuth and inclination:

For the solar cell device in the south (the northern hemisphere is north), γs = 0, there is


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