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9-1 Scattering Irradiance on the Bevel

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1. Scattering Irradiance on the horizontal plane IdH
Sunny day, the crystal theory derived Berlage formula
Where I0 is the solar irradiance outside the atmosphere, W /m2s is the solar elevation angle, P is the atmospheric transparency, and m is the atmospheric mass. The incident direction of the scattered radiation in the horizontal plane is the same as the direct radiation.

2. Scattered Irradiance I

If the sky is isotropic scattering radiation, the angle coefficient can be used interchange law


Thus, the scattered radiation reaching the unit area on the slant surface is

I = IdH AskyFsky-c = IdHFc-sky (1-6)Where I is the scattered irradiance per unit area on the inclined plane, Id H is the scattered irradiance on the horizontal plane, Asky is the area of the hemispherical sky, Ac is the area of the inclined surface, where Ac = 1 , Fsky-c, Fc-sky The sky is the angle coefficient, or shape factor.

The angle of the plane β, the angle coefficient for the sky is the sky to see the area of the sky (projection), accounting for the entire sky hemisphere area (projection) as a percentage of
Where r is the radius of the hemisphere sky as shown in Figure 1-8
Substituting (1-6) above
I = IdHcos2 (β / 2) The average incident angle of the scattering radiation on the inclined surface and the isotropic radiation on the horizontal plane is 60 °

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