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20 Purpose of Photovoltaic Systems Engineering and Content

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-24 11:45:53
What is the system? It is generally believed that the term "system" is derived from the Latin word "systema", meaning "group" and "set". For a long time, he exists in the natural world, human society and human thinking to describe the various fields, frequently appear in academic discussions and social life, has long been given a different meaning. What is the system? Well-known scientist Qian Xuesen has given a definition: the system is interactive and dependent on the combination of a number of components with a specific function of the organic whole. This definition points to the three characteristics of the system.

(1) The system is composed of elements
(2) These elements interact and depend on each other
(3) Because of the interaction between elements, the system as a whole, with a specific function.
Solar power generation technology is divided into two categories, solar photovoltaic power generation and solar thermal power generation.

Solar photovoltaic power generation refers to the direct thermal power without the process of solar energy into electricity power generation, which includes photovoltaic power generation, photochemical power generation, light-induced power generation and photovoltaic power generation. Photovoltaic power generation is the use of solar cells, the semiconductor electronic components to effectively absorb the solar radiation energy, and make it into electrical energy of direct power generation is the mainstream of today's solar photovoltaic power generation. Nowadays, people usually refer to solar photovoltaic power generation is solar photovoltaic power generation.

Effective use of solar photovoltaic power generation must constitute an optimization system. Solar cells is only one of the main "elements" in the system, it also has a specific function DC converters, DC / AC inverter, energy storage, monitoring, power regulation Balancing components. For different functions need to have different system configurations, different configurations must be reasonable. PV power system project implementation, the life requirements of up to 25-30 years, can be said to be semi-permanent power generation equipment, it must be done with the conventional power plant construction and installation, coupled with long-term operation and maintenance protection to achieve the design Expected Objectives.

System design, system simulation, system construction, system operation and maintenance management, and so on. In this paper, the system of photovoltaic power generation system is designed and developed, which is applied to the research of photovoltaic power generation system integration technology and its application. The system engineering principle and method, System prediction, system evaluation and system decision-making, the pursuit of more optimal technical solutions, better cost-effective, more reliable operation and maintenance management, in order to achieve good economic and environmental benefits. Its main research contents are as follows:

(1) how to optimize the system design, including design principles and methods, various types of system specific design, design software tools and practical cases;
(2) how the system configuration, including the necessary solar energy, solar cell and its application system balance components, the performance characteristics of the system components and the relationship between the constraints and matching, and system integration technology - body device And other knowledge;
(3) How to carry out the construction of the PV system project carefully, including illegal installation, testing and debugging, component installation precautions, lightning protection, grounding, wind, hail, anti-corrosion, fire protection and security. ;
(4) how long-term operation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems, including such as Jinzhong monitoring system and inspection diagnosis, solar panel cleaning, tilt adjustment, and operation and maintenance management rules and a series of hardware and software measures.

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