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Adopting single stage type three level modular design; In line with voltage level and power level of the large capacity battery pack; Simple structure, stable and reliable, high efficiency, low grid harmonic content; Designed for the smart grid, it accepts power grid scheduling and can adjust the active and reactive power independently; With adjustable power factor, it can output reactive power within the scope of the capacity and realize reactive power compensation; Supporting grid-connected and offgrid mode, and can automatic switch between grid-connected and off-grid status; With various application modes, such as DC source mode, DC ageing load mode; Supporting for multiple types battery access.


Leading Technologies:

Black start with load. The PCS could restore the whole system with load automatically instead of switch off the load and on manually.

Multiple DC inputs with different voltage for large scale ESS. More DC inputs with different rated voltage could be connected to the PCS to get better utilization of different class of batteries.

Off-grid parallel connection of multiple units for large scale (MW) ESS. Auto-detection and operating as voltage or current source when more than one units are parallel connected to support large off-grid application.



As household electricity in regions without electricity, as family emergency and backup power supply in electricity region.
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System schematic diagram:


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