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Energy Storage
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We can provide a total energy storage solution from Kilowatt to Megawatt to meet different kinds of application.
Brief introduction
Power box takes along Goldencell reliable Lithium battery which can be used as energy storage unit in energy unit in energy storage system. The modular design gives flexibility of 1/2/3/4 pcs of battery modules in one battery rack. Power box is able to meet the requirement of different storage by increasing the capacity through parallel connection of battery rack.
Features of system
Flexible capacity configuration
Support RS485 or CAN communication
Modular design
Easy to Install
Emergency stop function
Residential PV Installations for self-consumption applications
Commercial and Industrial installations for peak shaving
Back up power
Battery Management System (BMS)
Voltage Protection
Over Charge Protection
Over Discharge Protection

Current Protection
Charging Current limitation
Discharging Over Current Protection
Short Circuit Protection

Temperature Protection
Cell Temperature Protection
Environment Temperature Protection
PCB Over-heat Protection

System schematic
Detailed see graphic on the right

BMS Communication Protocol
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