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You can also make a meaningful upgrade to your PV system by adding other power generators. In addition to small wind farms or hydroelectric power plant, diesel generators ensure that your energy demand is covered in the event of poor weather or if your stores are empty.

Energy control plays a key role when it comes to an off-grid energy supply. SMA technology therefore ensures that all components are compatible with one another and that the storage system is optimally used. If more solar power is available than needed, then the batteries will be charged. If demand is greater than production, it is covered by the electricity stored in the batteries.
Solar energy storage system


High power and energy density design,with more than 8000 times cycle life.

Flexible modular design,it can be assembled according to different requirements.

High environmental adaptability, it can fit in with harsh environment such as highland, island, severe cold and heat.

Brilliant black-start device,it can work automatically without manual operation.

With IP55 multiple safety protection and outstanding safety performance.


Solar energy storage system
Solar energy storage system
Solar energy storage system
Solar energy storage system

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