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124-125 The working principle of solar cells

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-23 15:54:39 The working principle of solar cells

When the excess carrier concentration is large, the square of the reciprocal of Δn is correspondingly smaller (τAug is correspondingly smaller). For example, when the solar cell works under concentrating, the effect of Auger recombination On the larger.
The above is the complex process of P-type bulk semiconductors. The same is true for N-type semiconductors.
In understanding the work of solar cells on the basis of surface and interface also need to consider the carrier recombination.
The surface recombination velocity S, which is commonly used in the analysis and design of the solar cell principle, is defined as
I=IL-I0[ exp(Qv/nkT)-1 ] (5-11)
Where Io is the reverse saturation current, q is the amount of charge, V is the voltage, and n is the diode factor, where IL is the photocurrent that accompanies the light flow.


Figure 5-7 Current-voltage characteristics of solar cells Figure

(A) is not exposed to light (dark current); (b) R is the load resistance of the most operational point in quadrant I in light;


5-8 Current-voltage characteristics of solar cells under illumination

R 'is the negative charge resistance under normal circumstances
The performance of solar cells generally have the following points (see Figure 5-8).
① Open-circuit voltage V0c: Voltage at output power (connector) in open-circuit state (voltage at current 0) ^
② Short-circuit current Isc: the output power is not connected to the load, the short-circuit current (voltage 0 when the current).
③ conversion efficiency η: by the maximum output power VopIop the ratio of the incident energy Pin to define, with the following formula.
Vop Iop
η=   — (5-12)
Where, lop, Vop is the best operating point of the current, voltage.
Fill Factor FF: Represents the ratio of the areas of V0cISC and V0pI0p, defined by:
(5-14), then the conversion efficiency is
 η =VocIscFF/Pin                                                                (5-14)
The photocurrent density JL when the photocurrent IL generated in the area per unit solar cell area is calculated as follows. The work of solar cells have the following three basic equations


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