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89-90 BIPV special requirements for solar modules

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4.2.4 BIPV special requirements for solar modules

(1) Color requirements

When the solar module as the south side of the curtain wall or skylight, solar modules will be the color of the request. For monocrystalline silicon solar cells, you can use the method of corrosion suede to its surface into a black, installed on the roof or the south side of the solemn, and basically no light, no light pollution. For polysilicon solar modules, can not be used to corrode the suede approach, but you can add anti-reflective film evaporation when adding some trace elements to change the color of solar cell surface, can become yellow, pink, light green and other Colour. For amorphous silicon solar cells, its color has been the same color with brown glass, it is suitable for the production of glass curtain wall and skylight glass.

Figure 4-26 Junction box on side (a) of the dedicated PV module and junction box on the back (b) of the ordinary PV module


(2) Light requirements
When the solar module for sunroof, sun visor and curtain wall, the light transmission for it has certain requirements. In general, crystalline silicon solar cell itself is opaque, when the need for light, the only component with double glass packaging, by adjusting the gap between the single cell to adjust the amount of light transmission. As the single cell itself is opaque, as a glass curtain wall or skylight, the projection showed uneven patchy.
Crystalline silicon solar modules can also be made transparent, that is, in the crystalline silicon solar cells hit a lot of small holes, but the production process is complex and expensive, has not yet reached the level of commercialization.
Amorphous silicon solar modules can be made into the same effect as brown glass, light transmission effect is good, the projection is also very uniform and soft. If a solar cell module is used as a glass curtain wall and a skylight, an amorphous silicon solar cell module is preferred (Figure 4-27).

Figure 4-27 crystalline silicon (a) and amorphous silicon (b) solar cell curtain wall effect comparison


(3) Size and shape requirements

Because the solar cell module to be combined with the building, in some special applications will be made on the shape of the solar cell modules, no longer just conventional rectangular: such as circular roof solar cell components were rounded; with a hypotenuse of the building requirements The solar cell module also has a hypotenuse. The arched roof requires the solar cell module to have a certain degree of curvature etc.

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