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35 Application Classification of Solar Power Generation System

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The application of solar photovoltaic power generation system is extremely extensive. Solar cells are the main components of solar photovoltaic systems, which are often not critical components for their applications. In terms of technology, industry, or from the market is concerned, solar cells and photovoltaic power generation systems are closely linked to both the concept of difference. As shown in Figure 2-8, the relationship between the development and manufacture of solar cells and the photovoltaic power generation system and its applications is shown. That is, the photovoltaic industry is not equal to the solar cell industry. Speaking of photovoltaic industry nowadays, often refers to the development and manufacture of solar cells, the text of photovoltaic power generation system and its application is not smaller than the former. This may be China's solar cell industry in recent years the rapid development of special products and the vast majority of exports, while the main reason for the domestic application is not enough yet.

Figure 2-8 Schematic diagram of solar cell and its application industry

Schematic diagram of solar cell and its application industry
The application of solar photovoltaic power generation system, as shown in Figure 2-9, can be divided into two types of independent and grid-type.

There are four main types of independence: ① photovoltaic power generation system for rural electrification, including independent photovoltaic power station (village power supply system), solar household systems, solar lighting, solar water pumps, etc. ② communities, schools, hospitals, hotels, And government office buildings, etc .; ③ photovoltaic and other industrial applications, including microwave relay stations, fiber optic cable communications systems; satellite communications and satellite television reception system; program-controlled telephone system; railway and highway signaling system; Such as solar energy street lamps, garden lights, lawn lamps; solar insecticidal lamps, such as solar energy, such as solar energy, such as solar energy, Solar energy pumps, solar water pumps, solar energy urban and rural landscape lighting engineering, solar energy signal sign, solar advertising light boxes, popular science light boxes, etc .: solar chargers, solar calculators, watches, toys, etc .; solar hats, solar energy; solar bicycles, electric cars, Aircraft and so on.

Figure 2-9 Application of solar photovoltaic power generation system classification

solar photovoltaic power generation system

independent type

rural electrification with photovoltaic power generation system (village power supply, power users, photovoltaic pumps, etc.)

public institutions with photovoltaic power generation systems (schools, hospitals, government buildings, etc.)

communications and other industrial photovoltaic power generation system (microwave stations, traffic signals, cathodic protection, etc.)

photovoltaic products (solar lights, Tingyuan Deng, Caoping Deng, insecticidal lights and other electronic products, etc.)


grid type

photovoltaic power generation systems (BIPV, BAPV) combined with buildings

large-scale, large-scale photovoltaic power plant (built in the desert Gobi, tidal flat and other non-agricultural land)

Grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system, mainly used for urban and rural construction and integration of solar photovoltaic systems and building integration (Building Intergrated Photovoltaic), the photovoltaic power generation system and building functions and appearance of coordination, organic combination of photovoltaic grid-connected system. Such applications have become the mainstream of the PV application market. Currently in Europe and the United States and other developed countries have accounted for more than 90% of the photovoltaic power generation market. In China, in addition to distributed grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system, the desert, large, large-scale centralized PV power plant construction is also developing rapidly.
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