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42-2 Calculation of inverter capacity

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Independent operating system

PIN=PLAmaxRRUSHRIN                                                                                (3-14)


PIN                         Inverter capacity
PLAmax                   Expected additional load maximum power capacity (maximum apparent power) kVA;
RRUSH                     Impulse current rate
RIN                         Design surplus factor (also known as the safety factor, usually selected value is 1.5-2.0).

Inrush Current Rate The maximum inrush current to the load, such as the start-up motor, is calculated based on the maximum capacity of the motor starting at the start of a single click. In other words, if the stable current Ia at the maximum capacity, the constant motor current Ib at the maximum capacity, and the impulse flow rate Im at the maximum capacity motor

RRUSH = Ia - Ib + Im / Ia                                                                         (3-15)

Hybrid operating system

Inverter to have the maximum power tracking control function, in order to as much as possible the solar panels issued by the power delivered to the system, on the one hand due to the inverter load rate and low efficiency, on the other hand Price increases with capacity. In view of these factors, it is desirable to avoid excessive capacity of the equipment. A little rough thinking will know that when the solar radiation intensity is close to the maximum, the solar cell temperature rises, the solar panel output decreases, the inverter efficiency also will decline, so the inverter capacity can be smaller than the solar panel capacity .

PIN = PASCA                                                                     (3-16)

Where, CA is the attenuation coefficient of the solar panel capacity, usually to 0.8-0.9.

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