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97 Independent photovoltaic power generation system design

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4.3 Independent photovoltaic power generation system design

off-grid solar power generator systems

Design of solar photovoltaic power generation system is divided into software design and hardware design, and software design prior to the hardware design. The software design includes: calculation of load power consumption, calculation of solar cell front radiation, calculation of solar cell and storage battery, optimization design of mutual matching between solar cell and battery, calculation of installation angle of solar cell array, system operation The situation forecast and the system economic efficiency analysis and so on. Hardware design includes: selection of load and necessary design, solar cell and battery selection, solar battery holder design, inverter selection and design and control, measurement system selection and design. For large-scale solar photovoltaic power generation system, but also a PV cell square field design, lightning protection grounding design, distribution system design and auxiliary or preparation, with power supply selection and design. As the software design involves complex solar radiation, the installation angle and system optimization design calculation is generally completed by the computer; in the preliminary design and calculation can often use simple calculation method.

The general principle of independent photovoltaic power generation system design is according to energy balance principle, to ensure that the load to meet the needs of power supply under the premise to determine the use of the least amount of solar cell components and battery capacity to minimize the initial investment. The system designer should be aware that every decision made in the design of the PV system will affect the cost. Due to inappropriate choice, can easily make the system investment multiplied, and may not be able to meet the use requirements. When deciding to build an independent solar photovoltaic power generation system, can be designed according to the following steps: calculate the load, determine the battery capacity, determine the square of the solar cell capacity, select the controller and inverter, consider the issue of hybrid power generation.

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