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100 Determination of battery capacity

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-16 11:52:21 Determination of battery capacity

 Stand-alone operation of photovoltaic power generation systems, generally have to configure the battery as energy storage devices. The role of the battery is a square solar array issued in the sunshine when the excess power stored for night or rainy days when the load to use.
Battery capacity refers to its ability to store electricity, usually with the battery discharge to the end of the voltage released by the amount of electricity to measure. The use of lead-acid battery capacity in a certain working conditions under the release of electricity, the use of capacity and manufacturing quality and battery manufacturers working conditions. Determine the best value of independent PV system battery capacity, you must take into account the square solar cell capacity, load capacity and the efficiency of the inverter (inverter). There are many ways to calculate the battery capacity, generally can be obtained by the following formula:.
C = DFP0 / LUKa, Where - battery capacity, kW.h;
D - the longest period without electricity during the sunshine hours (such as three days of rainy days, electricity 4h per day, then D = 3X4 = 12h), h;
F - battery discharge efficiency of the correction factor (usually taken 1.05);
Po - average load capacity, kW;
L battery maintenance rate (usually take 0. 8);
U - battery discharge depth (usually 0.5);
Ka, including the inverter and other AC circuit loss rate (usually 0.7, such as the inverter efficiency can be high 0.8 or more).
With the usual access to the constant, equation (4-2) can be simplified as C = 3.75 DPO (4-3)

This is the average load capacity and the longest continuous no sunshine time (electricity use time) to calculate the battery capacity of a simple formula. It should be noted that no sunshine duration is appropriate. If you get too long to calculate the battery capacity is large, unnecessarily increase investment. Moreover, if the battery capacity increases, you must make the corresponding increase in the capacity of solar cells, so that the two capacity to match the appropriate; otherwise the relative battery charging rate decreases, the battery is always full dissatisfaction will also affect the service life. Therefore, too long to predict the lack of sunshine that security, the actual is not appropriate. In general, take three times the output of solar battery output power that is more appropriate.

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