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The World's Largest Portable Solar Power Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-22 14:08:56
Portable Solar Power Generator Library box, or call the large charging treasure large capacity solar powered protable generator, the device can be solar power, generating sets, electric shock, output in one, internal 600Wh of electricity stored in lifePo4 batteries. AC and DC devices, and DC12V car cigarette lighter output interface and output DC5VUSB, car emergency start function, suitable for automotive use.

Internal solar powered portable generator equipped with 200V / 500W pure sine wave inverter, in addition to the use of digital equipment, power and lighting, but also led to the following 500W load. Sun library portable solar power generator there are three charging: solar charger, car charger, mains charger.
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The device is designed for outdoor people high-end custom, widely used in long-distance car, camping, outdoor work areas, or prepare for the next emergency. As a result of lifePo4 storage batteries, so the sun library solar powered protable generator box smaller, only 9.3KG weight.

Portable solar power generator integrates the most advanced battery management system, intelligent control voltage, current, temperature, multiple protection design, maintenance-free function, use more secure.

Speaking of power, the sun library solar powered protable generator Box can supply 5.5-6 hours for the 100W laptop at full power for iPhone6 charge the phone more than 50 times or provide more than seven hours of battery life is a mini-fridge.
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