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The World's Largest Airship Spy Photos Posted a Large Mumber of Solar Panels

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-09 17:00:08
During the 11th Zhuhai Airshow, CAAC General Aircraft Co., Ltd. and French Flying Whales Holding Company jointly issued a 60-ton heavy-loaded airship, referred to as LCA60T, officially launched.

The LCA60T can handle up to 60 tons of oversized cargo at one time, hovering in airships with very flexible operation and low cost when loading and unloading goods, connecting low-traffic-lagged areas to the outside world, The cost of green transport has created a significant opportunity.With solar panels in order to reduce their weight, there is no energy storage batteries.


At present, there are no other alternatives to transport 60 tons of material from the transport infrastructure to carry out the inconvenience of the place into / out, which is many customers expect solutions. The airship also has a variety of other uses. The picture shows the launch of the Sino-French cooperation LCA-60T heavy airship project launch site.

The self-developed stratospheric airship "Dreams" was the first test flight, in order to achieve long-time stratospheric airship flight, from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics 100 research team developed high-strength materials resistant to stratospheric airship high pressure, and The airship skeleton, propeller, bracket design to the limit light.


Stratospheric airships, also known as the adjacent spacecraft, the airship altitude of about 20,000 meters, can carry a large number of detection of communications equipment, stratospheric weather conditions are relatively stable, conducive to long aircraft navigation.

Because this kind of airship flight altitude is lower than the satellite, does not need the track, therefore may the long-term monitoring massive land transportation and the fire and so on, but also carries on the communication relay service, uses extremely many, is the future urban informatization life and the management effective assistant .


In addition, this airship is also a high military value, an airship can monitor large tracts of land and sea, can continue to detect each other's military mobilization, ship navigation. The ground is placed on solar panels.


Stratospheric airships. Airship body affixed a large number of solar panels, can be a few months without a supply in the empty. At the same time, high-altitude long-term work is facing a low temperature, high-intensity ultraviolet light harsh environment, so the airship material and equipment performance requirements. The airship's power system, the stratosphere also has air flow, so the airship needs power to maintain the position.

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