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The World's Largest Solar Power Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-24 16:43:10
Our Shuanghu region is very remote, has been a lack of electricity, the summer refrigerator without electricity, eating rotten things, life is very convenient, and now you help us build such a power plant, to solve the problems affecting our lives for solar power generator electricity , I thank you, in the debugging scene of onlookers Tibetan compatriot Dawa, conceal the joy of the heart. Recently, the Shuanghu County, Tibet Renewable Energy LAN project 20MW (13MW photovoltaic + 7MW energy storage) optical storage project has been completed debugging work. The successful completion of the project, marking the world's highest elevation, the largest and poor construction of the optical storage micro-network system was completed.
lithium solar power storage battery system
Shuanghu County is located in the northwest of Naqu in Tibet. Energy storage batteries are located in the hinterland of Qiangtang National Nature Reserve, with an average elevation of 5,000 meters. It is the highest county-level administrative region in the world. As the history of the well-known life of the restricted area, Shuanghu County, a serious shortage of power supply, local people do not say that the use of household appliances, even the most basic living lighting to rely on diesel generators and butter lamps. Especially in the winter, the traditional way of heating coal to bring a lot of negative to the lives of local residents solar power generator. Through the construction of the Renewable Energy Local Area Network in the Shuanghu project, not only can the power supply to the residents of Shuanghu County be increased to 14,000, but also improve the environment and improve the quality of life of the local residents.

With nearly 20 years of R & D and manufacturing experience in the field of renewable energy power supply, Sunshine Power supplies all 13MW PV inverters and converters for this project. Sunshine Samsung offers a total of 7MW energy storage batteries inverters and 13.6MWh lithium batteries Energy storage system program. Provided by the PV inverter, energy storage inverter and battery systems all use standard container design solar power generator, greatly reducing the on-site installation and commissioning process, from the first equipment transportation, installation to the dual-lake smooth power, only the A short period of one month, for the smooth implementation of the entire project for the valuable time.
solar storage battery system
High altitude, thin air, rain and snow and other harsh environment of the equipment and system design are put forward higher requirements. Sunshine Samsung with many years of experience in high-altitude product applications, insulation, heat, energy storage batteries insulation and other aspects of a high standard of design solar power generator, and micro-grid scheduling, load demand management and other aspects of scientific management and planning, so that the whole Micro-grid system can be realized unattended, intelligent operation.

Shuanghu average temperature of -5 ℃, the minimum temperature up to -40 ℃. The average annual frost-free period is only 80 days, the oxygen content of only 40% of inland, to light Shuanghu, Sunshine has been with high altitude, cold, oxygen harsh environment to fight. During construction, Shuanghu to float the snow, began to hail, all breathing, walking and other daily behavior, in both lakes are extremely difficult. Sunshine Samsung's project team has been consistent with the owners of China Power Construction Group Northwest Survey and Design Institute alongside the fight along with always overcome the dizziness, chest tightness, malaise, unable to sleep and other difficulties, with their practical action and ability to practice The concept of "customer success", Sunshine Samsung high-quality products, quality service and highly responsible project spirit many times by the owners and the local people's praise.

From the 1998 Southern Railway project to the 2013 Tarqin, Coagency and other megawatt-class micro-network implementation of the project, to today's large-scale micro-grid project in Tibet Shuanghu smooth operation, the sun's Samsung team and energy storage batteries To withstand the high altitude, complex power grid solar power generator and complex load demand test, get rid of the high cost of laying power grids in remote areas, the plight of the construction difficulties for the Tibetan people sent a warm and bright, so that more Tibetans enjoy the benefits of convenient Green electricity.

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