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World's Largest Double-sided 12.8MW Solar Power Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-18 17:35:02
Over the past year, double-sided solar panels in markets around the world have received considerable attention, but most of the bifacial solar powe generation system is still mainly small and medium systems. American Solar Sunpreme success in the eastern United States set up the world's largest solar power plant double-sided, means the scale of 12.8MW, the estimated annual solar power generation 8GWh much.

Sunpreme using their own production GxB370W sided double glass component to building the portable solar power generator. The assembly adopted a very thin, non-silicon thin film p-i-n junction technology research and development, the conversion efficiency was 21.5%, with a symmetrical structure, can absorb a broader spectrum in low light conditions can still maintain a certain power benefits. At the same time, the temperature coefficient effect the performance of this component more traditional components well, overall generating capacity is also higher.
World's Largest Double-sided 12.8MW Solar Power Generator
Sunpreme's chairman and CEO Ashok Sinha said the company's double-sided double glass components using patent protection "HCT" (Hybrid Cell Technology, mixing battery technology) to improve power generation efficiency, not only increase the amount of electricity peak period, enhance weak light sensitivity, can effectively reduce solar power generation cost per kilowatt system.

In addition GxB370W, Sunpreme there are three double-sided double glass component products, which are 60-cell, 72-cell and 96-cell design, output wattage were up to 320W, 390W, 510W. Due to the high power output per unit area, so not only can improve the overall generating capacity of large-scale solar power plant, but also more traditional components of the system better suited for limited space, such as roof type systems.
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