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World First Super Capacitor Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 17:24:15
Global Grid being trapped in a "hunger" among the short-term and long-term energy demand for power is imminent. Although the solar power battery can meet the energy needs for a long time, but in the rapid response grid, instant start and energy demand is relatively short performance was not ideal. Supercapacitor with batteries, also an energy storage device, but it is unique in that: it is designed to provide short-term power in an instant. Through a combination of lifepo4 batteries and super capacitor energy storage mode, it can satisfy the energy grid (long-term) and power (short-term) changing needs.

To better understand the advantages of a combination of solar power batteries and super capacitor energy storage system, let us first look at the current changes and challenges facing the power grid. The traditional power grid is facing great challenges.

Solar Energy Generation System
Currently, the traditional power grid is facing two challenges:

First, its mode of transmission can not meet the requirements of distributed solar powered portable generator. Grid inception aimed at ensuring transmission reliability, robustness, and flexibility, so that both the power grid to provide electricity, but also expand the scope of supply and services. Thus, the grid using a simple and intuitive design: power plants through transmission and distribution lines, substations and distribution transformers supply power to the user. However, with the distributed solar power, wind power and fuel cells, including renewable energy advent of the new location of renewable energy power plants closer to load instead of a central power area, they are directly interconnected with the transmission and distribution lines and often the client front-end, large-scale power plants from the traditional one-way transmission to the user mode can't meet the requirements of distributed solar powered portable generator.

Second, the instability of the grid. A number of reasons for this result, which is mainly due to seasonal and daily peak load of air conditioning, heating, computer systems, industrial operations and lighting caused. Unpredictable portable solar power generator mode and the resulting solar power and wind power is intermittent grid instability factor. Distributed portable solar power generator from new (including renewable energy) in the form of two-way flow of energy to the power plant and transmission lines and distribution substations confusion, coupled with the impact of aging caused by transmission and distribution infrastructure, so that we need for a local power grid this energy storage system to balance unstable grid.

Emerging super-capacitor energy storage system of portable solar power generator

solar powered protable generator

The traditional power grid is disappearing, the new grid demand is growing. While traditional grid architecture bear most of the functions of the grid, but the grid in the form of the evolution of the electricity sector is prompting system using a combination of batteries and supercapacitors as assistive technology, to meet the power needs of various types. For example: United States North Carolina Gaston distribution substations assembled in a new generation of grid Duke Energy.

The system uses a combination of Maxwell 56V supercapacitor module in real-time stability of solar output voltage on distribution lines, and solve the problem on the supply line of solar power due to cloud cover or other weather factors as fluctuations. Meanwhile, the battery is responsible for large-scale solar energy systems on the energy distribution circuit switching.

Specifically, the use of super capacitors combined system can bring the benefits of technology and economic include:

Solar power integration services include: fast to stabilize short-term fluctuations in solar intermittent

Extend the overall life of the energy storage system: through the use of super-capacitor battery to avoid causing a high peak power impact

Reduce costs: no need to cope with life in the performance of high power/thermal stress performance and long battery increases

Reduce operating expenses: super capacitor is more than 1 million times charge-discharge cycles and design, wide operating temperature range to ensure that the advantages of its performance and long life

Capacity guarantee: Through the support of battery performance, super-capacitor lifePo4 batteres capacity can slow decay occurs over time, thereby reducing the risk of insufficient energy (this risk may result in economic loss)

Batteries and super capacitors combination system is a high feasibility, good economic solution that combines the power supply and lifePo4 batteres  provide long supercapacitor provides the advantage of instantaneous power, ultra-high speed to meet the needs of the solar powered portable generator, providing near-seamless power transmission and power supply for a long time, great to meet the thirst for energy grid.

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