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World's First Solar Cell Train to Run Next Year

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-11 14:58:38
Solar power batteries trains, which are of world concern, will begin commercial operations in Germany by the end of next year. The future, it is expected to replace the diesel-powered non-electrified intercity train. Solar cell trains rely on the solar tank placed in the roof of the hydrogen and oxygen in the air chemical reaction generated by electricity, will not emit greenhouse gases. In September this year, held in Berlin, the International Railway Technology Exhibition, 60 countries, about 3,000 exhibiting companies. One French electric giant Alstom manufacturing company's most eye-catching solar cell train.

The solar cell train can run continuously for 600 to 800 kilometers at full load with a maximum speed of 140 kilometers per hour. Up to 300 people can be transported. At the exhibition, the Australian railway electrical equipment company staff, said the old railway laying along the cable there are technical difficulties, the cost is high. From this point of view, the use of solar cell train is a very good idea. Moreover, compared with solar cell vehicles, solar cell train hydrogen can be stored in the vehicle base, without the former as in the hydrogen resolaring station resolaring.
Vigorously develop wind power, photovoltaic and other new energy applications is to achieve our energy-saving emission reduction strategic initiatives. However, the new energy resources such as wind energy and solar energy are scattered, the energy density is low, and the power supply is not stable. The new energy equipment has weak adaptability, which seriously restrict the safe operation and effective operation of new energy grid. Consumers satisfied. The long-life, low-cost, high security solar powered portable generator, high conversion efficiency solar energy storage system research and development and promotion of applications can greatly enhance the quality of wind power, PV output is to improve large-scale new energy consumption is an important means of energy storage technology has become an international Research hotspots.

At present, various forms of solar energy storage, in terms of technology maturity, advanced and economic costs are still inadequate, restricting the application and promotion process. In recent years, lithium (ion) battery energy storage in the body manufacturing, battery group and system integration have made great breakthroughs, is now recognized as the most potential for energy storage solutions of solar powered portable generator.

However, it was pointed out that although the solar cell car driving zero emissions, but the hydrogen production process will emit greenhouse gases. France Alstom said the use of solar powered portable generator when the base as a solar, will not burden the environment. The company is also studying how to use solar power to generate electricity to hydrogen, in order to eventually achieve the zero load target.
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