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World Best Portable Solar Power Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-16 19:10:19
Solar powered portable generator multi-function box, it is the role of solar energy stored in the device by controlling the internal lifePo4 battery, when you need electricity, then the lifePo4 storage battery voltage into a DC voltage used in a variety of everyday life and pure sine wave mains voltage. This portable solar power generator has a compact structure, small size, stylish appearance, complete functions, is military, medical, fire, or scientific research, mining, tourism, grazing and other outdoor equipment over a long life of electricity to be used in the field car emergency start engine and other applicable emergency electricity.
Portable Solar Generator
The world's top solar powered portable generator has the following characteristics

1. The portable solar power generator is economical and practical, small and easy to carry.

2. The solar powered protable generator is configured with two DC energy saving lamps, energy-saving, practical lighting longer.

3. USB output, charging for a variety of mobile phones and MP3, charging can be done anytime, anywhere.

4. The lifePo4 battery pack, charging more convenient, uninterrupted power forever.

5. Camping, car essential goods, lighting, charging time is complete.

Belonging folding solar powered protable generator, which is equivalent to the two monocrystalline silicon solar panels together. Equipped with flexible and comfortable casual folded aluminum frame. The greatest feature of the portable solar power generator is easy to carry, and acting freely, lightweight and flexible. As long as there is sunshine, anytime, anywhere to ensure rechargeable battery, thus ensuring people's basic demand for electricity.

Single solar battery power supply don't directly use. It must be a battery pack in series and parallel connections and tightly packaged as components for power. The solar cell module (also called a solar cell module) portable solar power generator is the mian part of the portable solar power generator is the most important part.

After the combination of solar cells and different objects, in theory, anything required energy or power, can be self-driven. Hina is a flexible thin-film solar technology and electronic products, daily necessities, outdoor equipment, public facilities, emergency rescue equipment, fusion, portable solar power generator research paper, solar power kits, solar camping lights, and other new products.

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