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Why Tesla Choose 18650 Battery Pack

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-12 17:50:41
Tesla battery consists of nearly 7000 18650 lithium battery. But the reality of the lifepo4 battery pack, no how many people have seen. Published online before the batteries are mostly based on analysis of Tesla's battery patents drawn from the analysis. Tesla opened the battery last layer of mystery.

Battery Module

Tesla lifePo4 batteries pack on each piece of fiberglass panels are covered with a simple battery protection. It has two metal beams spaced between each battery. The figure is the lower left corner fuse the entire battery pack, the right is the interface battery coolant and coolant filler neck.
cylindrical battery
A Single Cell Group

This is Tesla lithium batteries, this board section, a total of 444 cells per 74 in parallel into a group, the entire group of 6 panels cells in series. So we can calculate on this Tesla Model S 85 models section, a total of 710,418,650 lithium battery. 6 Partition battery arrangement shown above red line. Front and back panels of this structure is formed in a center of symmetry, are arranged so as to why, surely must go through extensive testing and validation. Such arrangement is to obtain a lower average thermal resistance of the pipe and with lifePo4 batteries heat dissipation.

The battery pack in the middle of crossing a line that is connected to the battery side of the plate, the other end is connected to the battery control module, these lines are used to detect the voltage of the battery pack, the battery pack to ensure proper operation. Each of the battery has a very thin fuse, which is used to protect the entire battery pack, when a single battery abnormal phenomena like high temperature, the fuse will automatically fuse, in order to protect the entire battery pack purpose. So many fuse should be soldered to the circuit board is a very large project, it should be the use of ultrasonic welding technology from the point of view by a special robot to complete.

BMS Master Chip

Tesla battery control module, from PCB printed board logo, the circuit board is a piece of self-developed entirely by Tesla. The board uses a lot of resistance and capacitance for signal conditioning, just this side we see there are six groups of signal acquisition circuit. Since Tesla using 18650 lithium battery, lithium battery is used in our laptop batteries, so the electrical control aspects of the technology is very mature, although I think a lot of ways still can not see the chip on the motherboard model, but still able to infer the main top management chip and charge and discharge the battery meter management chip, compared to laptop batteries which should be in the complex where multiple battery signal acquisition and control algorithms, after all, hundreds of batteries of electric vehicles monitor and laptop battery monitoring section 10 is not about an order of magnitude.

Tesla Battery Thermal Management System

Tesla is a set of specialized liquid circulation temperature management system around each section of the cells, but their specific structure, they did not see. "According to Tesla Patent Specification describes the isolation plate inside the water may be static or may be mobile, can be stored directly in the internal lumen separating plates can also be fitted to a specific water bag. If flow conditions, with the lifePo4 batteries pack cooling system are connected together and to be self circulatory system. "the internal structure of the battery pack, internal lithium batteries, perfusion water glycol heat transfer tubes surrounded by an S shape, the left and right sides of the figure Interface for the water glycol fluid circulating interfaces, also in aluminum outside wrapped in a layer of insulating tape orange. Insulating tape to prevent accidental rupture, resulting in lithium aluminum shell with a short circuit caused by contact, Tesla in external tubes also added a layer of plastic insulation isolation. Among other aluminum lifePo4 batteries is not adopted, but also uses a layer of insulating rubber isolation.

18650 lithium Tesla using a custom, as we usually see, like a layer of an insulating coat of lifepo4 batteries, which are exposed to battery negative battery case, this lifepo4 can be used in solar powered portable generator, once the housing is connected to the conductor, it may cause a short circuit, serious even fire accident occurs, the consequences would be disastrous. So Tesla battery packs inside do multilayer insulation protection is still very necessary, from the current design of the structure to see protective measures for Tesla is trustworthy.
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