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Why Ternary Batteries Disable on Commercial Vehicles?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-13 10:39:05
Ternary battery vs lifePo4

"Ternary batteries" stands for "Ternary polymer battery," corrected cathode material lithium batteries nickel cobalt manganese oxide cathode materials for ternary batteries. This naming is based batteries, "cathode material" division, in addition, there are lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide lifePo4 batteries.

Ternary battery, lithium manganese oxide, lifePo4 can be used in electric vehicles. Having said that, "Lithium", you may be a bit confusing, but today's hero is a ternary lifePo4 and lithium batteries.
Lithium Batteries
Ternary battery and lifePo4 to their different characteristics, the main contradiction concentrated in the "energy density" and "Security" on. Ternary battery energy density is greater, but security is often suspect. Although the energy density of lifePo4 is small, but we say that it is more secure.

The so-called "safe sex" differences, mainly on the positive electrode material.

Both materials will decompose when it reaches a certain temperature, ternary material decomposition occurs at 200℃. And the chemical reaction of ternary more severe, will release oxygen molecules, electrolyte rapid combustion at high temperature, a chain reaction. The lifePo4 occurs at 700-800℃ decomposition, not like ternary lithium material is released as molecular oxygen, combustion is not so intense. That simple point, that is ternary material easier to fire than the lifePo4 material. Note that we mentioned here only "material."

The problem isn't the kind of battery

We mentioned earlier, the only material difference between ternary and lifePo4 material properties. The final decision on the safety of the entire battery system for portable solar power generator storage batteris.

Since the characteristics of lithium batteries, so there must be Battery Management System . Key features include overcharge protection (OVP), over-discharge protection (UVP), over-temperature protection (OTP), over-current protection (OCP) and other functions, should an accident occur, the current can be cut off immediately.

If the battery is pyrolyzed, come ask BMS is not acceptable.

So simply that ternary unsafe, is not appropriate. Ternary material is easily pyrolysis, but does not mean ternary battery insecure; lifePo4 material is not easy pyrolysis, but lithium iron phosphate does not mean it is safe.
Portable Solar Generators
Battery safety, is a system problem, not just a reason for the material. From a pure electric bus accident spontaneous combustion point of view, there are ternary battery, lifePo4 batteries also as the solar power portable generator storage batteries. But the accident does not mean some kind of battery failure, too many factors involved, spontaneous combustion fuel vehicles are endless.

In fact, we should be concerned about is how to prevent the failure of the battery cell harm other monomers like solar powered portable generator storage batteries, by the level of technology limitations, can not put all the cells are maintained at 100% consistency.

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