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Why Storage Battery Is important UAV Power System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:54:45
Do you heard that solar powered portable generator used for UAV power system electric motor and an internal combustion engine typically has two types, of which the main motor. The electric power system mainly consists of motor, ESC (motor speed control), propeller and storage battery of lifePo4. Matches between the various parts of the power system, power system and the whole match, directly affects the overall efficiency and stability, so that the power system is essential.


UAV motor mainly brushless motor mainly an arm fixed to the frame of the motor housing, a fixed propeller, by rotation downward thrust. Different sizes, loading rack, need to meet different specifications, the power of the motor, it can use lithium batteries like lifepo4 batteries, the motor isn't to say the bigger the better, efficiency is king.


Motor alone doesn't work, we need to meet the power transfer, which is used to control the motor speed. Like the motor, the power system needs of different loads with different specifications of the power transfer, although not much power to call a big image, but cranked up the power, naturally heavy, naturally, will not improve efficiency.
Portable Solar Power Generator System

The propeller is a direct result of the thrust member, the same is the pursuit of efficiency for the first goal. Matching motor power to reconcile with the propeller, can consume less power at the same thrust, so that we can extend the life time of UAVs. They have not found the propeller on the map are positive and negative directions? Because motor-driven propeller rotates itself will produce a counter torque will cause the rack to reverse rotation. The forward rotation by a motor, a motor rotates in reverse, solar powered portable generator anti-torsion balance out, the direction corresponding to the propeller also opposite.

Storage Battery

At present mainly in the UAV battery lithium polymer battery mainly characterized by energy density, light weight, high resistance to current values, etc. These characteristics are more suitable for UAVs. There are some mobile phones use lifePo4 battery which is mian storage battery for portable solar power generator, but the charge and discharge capacity is far less than the drone of these batteries (batteries discharge capacity monolithic theoretical value of more than 400 Ann). And because these batteries for UAV power system, so do the battery.

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