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Why Solar Laminator Is Best For Solar Cell

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-13 00:26:53

Solar collector vacuum laminator technique, solar power portable generator pneumatic drive technology, PID temperature control technology, and adapt to the single-crystal silicon cell module lamination of polycrystalline silicon cell module. BP's use of encapsulated solar laminator US SPIRE Sun Yat-sen Institute for Solar Energy Systems and the use of domestic laminator. Two laminating machine works the same in the control stage can be set lamination temperature, exhaust, lamination, and inflation time, control and automatic or manual mode. When laminated with EVA encapsulated solar cells, generally set temperature 100-120 ℃, at this temperature EVA just in a molten state and will not be cured. Laminator can see from the vacuum chamber, the upper chamber inflated under a vacuum chamber, the lower chamber inflatable control button; open the cover laminating machine, the inside of the cover has a rubber balloon, the upper chamber refers to the gas costs ; there are seals between the lid and the lower chamber is formed between the cover and the lower chamber a sealed chamber for the next room. Open the cover, you can see the following two layers of high-temperature glass cloth, glass cloth below the heating plate. Lamination process, the solar cell and EVA, TPT, after the glass laminate placed between two layers of tape people, glass cloth EVA slowing the heating rate, reducing air bubbles, while preventing EVA molten flow out dirty heating plates.

The basic process of lamination: Open laminating machine, press the heating button, setting the working temperature; heating plate until the temperature reaches a predetermined temperature (you can see from the console), the laminated release sheet laminated good battery machine and close the cover, the first step is lower chamber was evacuated after fitting cover. Good solar cell laminate sheet is placed between two layers of glass cloth (belonging to the lower chamber portion), EVA laminating machine starts in the heat, EVA after heating in a molten state, meat dish between EVA Air and batteries, glass, TPT presence, the lower chamber exhaust (vacuum) can exclude these gaps in the air. If the pumping time and lamination temperature is set incorrectly, often below the component glass bubbles, resulting in the assembly during use, thermal expansion of the bubble leaving the EVA delaminated, the appearance of the affected components, efficiency and service life. The next step is the pumping pressure (laminated). During pressurization, evacuation was continued at room, the inflatable chambers, the upper chamber composed of rubber balloon, inflated volume expansion (due to the lower vacuum chamber) filled between the upper and lower chambers entire extruded sheet placed on the lower chamber of the cell, EVA and so, after EVA melt extrusion and the lower chamber is evacuated in the role of F, flowing full glass, TPT gap between cells, while expelling the middle of the bubble. Thus, glass, cells, TPT on the adoption of EVA tightly bonded together. After opening the cover laminate need to remove the battery first two procedures under state chamber is evacuated, atmospheric effects, cover by downward pressure. When opening the lid, first inflatable lower chamber, the chamber is evacuated, the discharge of the battery pack under atmospheric pressure chamber gas pressure and balance, and then use the two openings provided in the cover arm will cover is open. After removing the solar cell can be carried out under an encapsulated solar cell module.

Solar laminator
Above lamination process, generally during normal operation, you can set up and exhaust temperature lamination, lamination, inflatable time, the control keys toggle automatic, openings into the solar cell, let it work automatically after closing lid , laminated good automatically after opening the lid, you can proceed to the next work cycle remove the laminate good battery components. Set working temperature, exhaust lamination time depends on laminator, the size of the battery; imported equipment and domestic equipment are different, laminating machine manufacturers will generally provide a user experience parameters, portable solar power generator the user during use, gradually do some of the amendments, and then determine their optimal value. Figure 3-9 Sun Yat-sen laboratory laminator in domestic package power solar 20W or less, set the operating temperature of 120 ° C, extraction 5min, laminated 5min, inflatable 20s, solar cell area (power 50-100W) larger, extended pumping time to 8min, lamination time to〗 Omin.

Laminating machine during use Note:

① laminating machine lid enormous pressure, remember the lower chamber can not put foreign objects border, to prevent accidental injury or equipment damage;
② must be checked before opening the lid under the inflatable chamber is complete, or not opening the lid to avoid damage to the device;
③ console emergency button, emergency situations, the whole power; troubleshooting, emergency button reset;
④ laminator when not in use for a long time, the boot-up operation should be empty several cycles in order to adsorb the residual gas in the cavity and the steam exhausted, in order to ensure the quality of the laminate.

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