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Why Self Balancing Scooter Use LifePo4 Batteries Is Best

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:53:13

Tody we can sue portable solar power generator to charge self balancing scoter.Based on individual needs and balance the ability to choose, young people love to play it cool, balance is also recommended to choose a good wheelbarrow; the balance a bit weak recommended to choose two-wheeled vehicle balance, these products are relatively easy to control, easier to get started. If the balance of the car as you travel tools, we recommended to choose two-wheeled balancing scooter, safer, stronger endurance. Also have to consider the actual needs of the weight and size of the car, to see if convenient to carry. Two-wheeled vehicles in accordance with the size of the balance is also divided into a small two-wheeled vehicles and the balance with the balance of two-wheeled vehicles, as you travel different distances, you can choose a small two-wheeled cart or balance wheel with the self balancing scooter. Small two-wheeled vehicle balanced by motor sizes from 4.5-inch to 10-inch range, more suitable for home use, but also won the children's favorite.


Determine your goal, then find most important configured. Self balancing scooters are generally balanced by a gyroscope, CPU, body frame, storage battery and other major components to choose. The market is more complex, and many states have no clear safety regulations, leading to those cottage manufacturers loophole, using low-cost configuration, which also caused some security incidents. Battery, this is the most important, there were several explosions, the imbalance is caused because of the battery isn't safety. The balancing scooter using lifePo4 batteries, the battery can be divided into good and bad, the smart self balancing scooter battery with a large protective plate is relatively balanced scooter prices will be raised.

Those cottage brand will probably adopt mass production of lithium batteries without BMS, so it's prone to danger, it's easy to fire and explosion. Of course, at the time of purchase we don't sure whether the balacing scooter's lithium battery is good or bad, but one thing is certain, in order to save costs, the price is relatively low high quality batteries. See detailed parameters self balacing scooter lifePo4 battery is also very important, such as good endurance, the general balance on the car charging full 90 minutes, the fastest acceleration up to 18km / h, solar powered portable generator universal life mileage small balancing scooter 10-20km, large 20-50km.As for other configurations, built something we can not see, but we can do to verify that it's secure, such as balancing scooter can turn on the switch to see if it can be unchanging, pedal shake not shake; their own experience on the train, it turned to look at other operations is sensitive and so on.
Portable Solar Power Generator System

Well balanced car is generally used in ABS, advanced PC, nanotechnology and other high-tech nano materials, with impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance and other properties, the time of purchase, you can view these parameters in detail. If online shopping, it touches can look after its detailed work, how to deal with the body's joints, whether rough like.


The balancing scooter is not necessarily good, but cheap balancing scooter will certainly exist some weaknesses in the purchase balance the car, no matter what price you want to purchase the balance of the car products use  lifepo4 48v, be sure to choose well-known brand names, regular sales channels to buy . Good brand in product development, technical strength and aftermarket are guaranteed. Quality assurance, these are copycat brands immeasurably.

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