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Why Phone Shutdowom When The Charge Not Zero

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-07 17:19:02
We know that most phone battery is lithium polymer battery not lifePo4 batteries.Many smartphone users have found a people helpless situation: the phone displays remaining charge is not so reliable. If the situation you have encountered in the mobile phone and 20% of remaining battery time automatic shutdown, the following are several possible explanations may answer your questions.

In fact, the only way to determine the remaining charge mobile phone is installed in a lithium ion battery in a sensor, but the smart phone manufacturers do not intend to do so, they will be based on algorithms to measure the battery voltage of the current release, and as a basis, the projected How much energy is currently used phone. In order to describe the image of smartphone power consumption, The Wirecutter also by measuring the flow from a hole in a bucket of water out of the speed to be described in detail.
Lithium Cylindrical Battery
In most cases, manufacturers use this power estimation method is very useful, but it is not a perfect indicator of battery life. Battery type and frequency of use will affect the power consumption rate. When the phone becomes old, estimate the battery becomes more of a guessing game. In addition, the formation of crystals inside the lifePo4 battery will reduce the battery capacity, so that the remaining capacity may become harder to estimate.

The best way to avoid smartphone into a lifeless bricks remaining power is never to let it into the red warning zone. If you have the habit of carrying charging treasure, the best on a regular basis to charge your smartphone. Of course, you can also start by considering the power saving mode, consumes a lot of other methods to delete the application to extend mobile phone lifePo4 battery pack life, avoid aspect in extremely cold or extremely hot environments using a cell phone is also a need to pay attention.

As the mobile phone built-in circuit boards and other precision parts in high-temperature and electromagnetic radiation into the environment, according to the phone's internal parts easily deformed or malfunction, the daily use of mobile phones to try to avoid high-temperature environment and electromagnetic radiation environment.

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