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Why People Fall Off Electric Smart Balancing Scooter

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-12 16:50:04
2015 smart balancing scooter began to rage, however, accompanied by product quality and safety accidents, serious impact on the further development of the industry. Self balancing scooter are mainly concentrated in the lifePo4 batteries and the vehicle caught fire and exploded during power cycling people fall accident.

A serious shortage of electrical power

Self balancing scooter lifePo4 batteries differs from other forms of vehicles, motor power has two functions: ⑴ maintain speed and acceleration; ⑵ maintain balance. Power is greater than the power required to maintain the speed required to maintain the balance. Such as electric bicycle motor is only used to maintain the speed of the motor loses power or lack of power can not be simply expressed as acceleration or fast enough. The self balancing scooter need to be balanced at all times, even in an emergency situation at the highest speed must also have sufficient power margin to maintain a balance, otherwise the performance of the motor lost power and fell. Under normal circumstances, 150w electric bike can guarantee a 80kg person 15km / h speed, but 500w electric self balancing scooter need more balance in order to ensure safety. If you also want to maintain instantaneous deceleration requires more power. Present some electric vehicle motor power balance a serious shortage, serious vacuity power situation.
self balancing scooter battery
Motor Hall Quality

Currently most of the motor is a brushless motor, Hall became important smart balancing scooter control sensors. Hall's quality has become one of the important factors that determine the balance of electric car quality. The main problems that may arise: ⑴ Hall of poor quality; ⑵ installation process and the Hall wearing. ⑶ detected when the Hall signal abnormal, there is no secure parking mechanism. Finally, the performance of these problems, once the Hall signal is abnormal, the smart balancing scooter and fell. Even low speed or zero speed will crash.

Controller Issues

The controller will have a general overcurrent protection, such as electric bicycles, when the large current output, the controller will reduce output current to protect the motor and controller. But for the balance of electric vehicles, the overcurrent protection may cause the body weak or motor disability, the performance of the vehicle body can not maintain balance, causing the user to fall directly. The overcurrent protection is also important for portable solar power generator. Recommendation: do protection and early warning mechanisms in an overcurrent condition, rather than simply limiting current output.

Battery Problems

Self balancing scooter lifePo4 batteries in the actual use of the process may often encounter a very large current, if insufficient rate discharge performance batteries, high current output can not be achieved easily lead to crash. After the high-current discharge if the battery voltage is low the situation, battery discharge capability weakened, and there is no obvious prompt alarm, users with rapid acceleration, low voltage rapidly, insufficient power supply, resulting crash. Electric car balance under hard acceleration, sharp turns, the battery large current discharge, if the overcurrent protection of the battery is too low, it will cause the body to trigger the process of riding in lifepo4 battery pack overcurrent protection.

Under normal circumstances, the controller settings should be greater than the normal operating voltage of the lifePo4 batteries discharge cut-off voltage. Within the normal operating voltage range, the battery voltage is less than the controller set discharge cut-off voltage, the output will be very easy to trigger battery shutdown, causing the vehicle off.

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