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Why On-grid Solar Power Generation Systems Without Batteries

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-20 12:34:37
Load probability: Because the grid system (no battery) is not installed on the battery, it is possible to enter in the absence of the sun and mains failure, the solar power generation system will stop the power supply to the load. The present system in this case may be powered by batteries, the grid system (no battery) of load probability is higher than the present system. System Maintenance: Because there is no battery, so the grid system (no battery) system maintenance than the present system is simple. Household saving benefits system to the system of solar power generation system, for example, the use of solar power, and ten thousand of every hair (1 degree = lkW.h) power can replace four tons of standard coal, thus avoiding the 4 t coal carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and soot emissions. Table 6-5 as correlation coefficient and emission reduction units of emission reduction benefits.

For solar photovoltaic systems, according to the annual power generation meter above the grate system 3227.3kWh, can be calculated in the total generating capacity of the system is 20 years 64546kW * h, which is equivalent to less 25.82 tons of standard coal, solar energy for thermal systems, by the meter grate seen, equivalent to an annual average of less 4035.36kW * h of electricity, the life of the system is 15 years, 15 years cumulative 60530.41 save electricity, equivalent to 24.21 tons less standard coal. Thus, over the life cycle of the two systems, for a total reduction of 50 tons of standard coal equivalent, it is possible to reduce total emissions of hazardous substances as well as the emission reduction benefits arising therefrom
small solar protable generator system
Combined with the construction of photovoltaic devices, will combine two areas unrelated to the original together, involves a wide range, not a designer and manufacturer of photovoltaic can independently and must be the building materials, building construction and other relevant departments to set up close cooperation and work together to succeed. BIPV embodies the innovative architectural design concept, high-tech and human environment coordinated beautiful image.

For now, despite the photovoltaic device combined with the construction costs may reduce some applications, but compared with conventional energy costs remain relatively Gao, which is one of the main obstacles to photovoltaic applications. However, we must note that, to do so only a visual comparison is not appropriate, because some of the "hidden" costs not included in the cost of conventional energy sources, such as control pollution caused by conventional energy and other costs; in some countries for the price of fossil fuels subsidies. Solar power portable generator although one-time investment is large, but its operating costs low, the good news is that these positive increasingly get people's attention, more and more countries have formulated preferential policies to positively promote the application and development of solar energy. The promotion of solar PV will play a positive role in China's extensive development.

It is expected that the combination of PV and architecture is one of the future photovoltaic applications in the most important areas, the prospects are very broad, it has a huge market potential. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the cost of PV modules will soon fall, and the combination of photovoltaic building will have sprung up around us, while solar power generation will also plays an important in the energy mix status.
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