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Why Need Solar Energy Storage

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-22 17:34:36
Since solar aspect affected diurnal, seasonal and other regular benefits geographic latitude factors, on the other hand restricted confront random factors such as clouds and rain, which has a significant discontinuity and unevenness, which is it's a very bad conditions. in order to make solar energy into a continuous, uniform and stable energy to compete with conventional energy, solar energy sub-storage is essential.

In the low-temperature heat utilization solar energy used in heating and air conditioning system is very attractive, but, as shown in Figure 4- BU 1, the general minimum) in the winter when the maximum thermal load or the cooling load C, solar radiation illuminance is small, the outdoor temperature is low; in the summer heat load and the minimum (or maximum cooling load), the large solar irradiance.
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Gao outdoor temperature in the low latitudes, solar radiation during the day if the winter indoor heating may not be required with little or heating; while at night or rainy days without solar radiation or solar radiation is very weak when you need a lot of indoor Heating presence this conflict situation, is not easy to make solar energy economically and efficiently used in heating and air conditioning systems directly, but must be additionally equipped with an auxiliary heat source to ensure its continuity and stability? the current level of technological development theory, although the storage ring P is one of the weakest in the use of solar energy, but the heat storage of solar energy (including M heat storage, latent heat storage and heat storage reversible chemical reaction> is stored in various measures of solar technology is the most mature, cost one of the most inexpensive and, therefore, currently has a practical value and can be ways to promote the use in the short term.

In another example, the electrical use of solar energy, because solar power generation can not be stored in the form of electromagnetic waves, so it must first be converted into other forms, and be stored after conversion into electricity or before the starting point for the solar and electric energy as the end product God each way, except through the photoelectric effect to convert electrical energy directly, but also can have four intermediate stages, namely energy, chemical energy, kinetic energy and nuclear energy. the arrows indicate the child can be converted from one form to another form of process? Although at first glance may be the most effective way to direct, but rather any way shown above are real practical? For example, the solar energy by means of photosynthesis may be first converted into chemical energy, and then get burned energy, and then converted to kinetic energy by means of thermal expansion, and finally converted by conventional electricity generator.

Heat storage and storage of solar electricity had caused some technology work ashamed's interest and attention. DA, because at that time and thereafter within a considerable period of time, oil and coal production enough to supply demand, Joe, and Dan low prices, energy conservation issues , especially the development and utilization of new energy sources have not been given due attention, so r: universal energy technology has not been developed and applied for the first time since the mid-decade occurrence "oil crisis" since the start since the supply shortage. Prices soaring, forcing the world, particularly in oil-importing countries attach importance to energy efficiency issues and Jian began seriously looking for alternative energy sources (mainly new energy) transit grid. so portable solar power generator energy storage technologies, including too. Solar energy heat storage and electric storage sticks gained continuous development and improvement and gaining increasingly wide range of applications - and of course, energy storage technology to be able to get full hair Chen and more widely used, it must be in theory, both technically and economically practical feasibility - following specific discussion.

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