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Why Lithium Battery Can't Completely Repalce Lead-acid Batteries

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-13 10:18:58
Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries of high energy density, long life, small size, light weight, etc., had been placed replace lead-acid batteries expectations. Three years ago, industry experts predict that in the manufacture of electric vehicles, lithium batteries can be replaced in 2016 about 25% of lead-acid batteries can be achieved within five years, about 30% of the replacement of lead-acid batteries. At the same time, the lithium batteries can replace lead-acid batteries to use in solar powered portable generator. Then the main obstacle to replace lead-acid batteries lithium Why?
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Lithium batteries cost advantage is not prominent. Use lithium battery electric vehicles, repair rate is high. Small and medium enterprises and the general lithium battery lifepo4 battery pack factory manufactured lithium repair rate even lower than 5%, the gap is about 13% higher, the price is very poor: the manganese-based material 48V12Ah about 500 yuan about / group, lithium batteries nickel-cobalt-manganese ternary materials 48V12Ah $ 650 / group around. But the pack 48V12Ah lithium battery is only about 320 yuan / group around. But the lithium battery pack less than a year, the battery capacity is greatly attenuated, can no longer be used. The manganese-based materials and ternary material of lithium batteries and lead-acid compared, in addition to the small size and light weight, the rest does not much advantage, the use of more than 2 years, the degree of attenuation of the battery has been unable to meet with long-distance requirements.

Rework long time severely restricted the use of consumers. Once the lithium battery failure for repair, a long time is about a week, some even longer, so that consumers wait too impatient, lost the confidence of use. The reason is that the dealer is unable to repair or replace the internal lithium batteries problems arise, we must be transported by courier to manufacturing enterprises, through professional equipment for battery maintenance. This is one of the key constraints of large-scale lithium battery replacement lead-acid batteries.

Lithium battery too "delicate", can not stand the torment did like lead-acid batteries. Lithium car during use, can not afford to throw throw hit once the lithium battery was punctured, or violent impact broke the lithium, lithium is likely to cause combustion and explosion; lithium battery charger requirements are very high, it is't as easily use roadside coin charger to charge lead acid batteries as soon as the current is too large, the breakdown protection board lithium battery inside is likely to produce cause combustion or explosion.
Lead-acid Batteries
As the lithium battery(such as lifepo4 batteries) product quality varies greatly, a large number of low-end lithium hitting the market, so dealers on lithium car companies choose extra cautious, calling Which manufacturers closed after a year or so on foot, come in procurement lithium car dealers will bear the whole deal. Thus, the lithium battery to replace lead-acid batteries to achieve, if not change the above problems, another five years, I am afraid it is difficult. 
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