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Why LifePo4 Is Best Storage Batteries For Portable Solar Power Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 17:22:16

To make electric cars for traveling longer mileage, car manufacturer is working to develop lifepo4 batteries technology, respectively, announced the results of research and development, it's new generation of energy-intensive reserve power pack to provide continuous electric and hybrid vehicles the longer the driving force. Studying the electrolyte to replace the magnesium lithium-ion batteries used in the current, they find the better way, by using a hydrogen storage material on magnesium electrolyte, it may need 20 years to make this large-scale investment in technology use. The technology uses a braced in the cell called "amorphous SiO" additives to enhance the lifePo4 battery energy storage capacity. This chemical can retain more of lithium batteris, in order to enhance the overall performance of the battery.

solar power portable generator

Lithium-ion battery production line of silicon nano negative prepared and put into pilot production. This is the world's first, and only a consistent double-sided printing type, high-precision, three-dimensional wire production line. Completion of this production line is the initial realization of high-capacity silicon nanowire anode-scale production. Silicon nanowire anode batteries can reach 800-1000Wh/L and 320-400Wh/Kg (depending on battery capacity and size). The company's silicon nanowire anode batteries have been tried and used on unmanned aerial vehicles, wearable devices, electric vehicles and military equipment.

New 48V lifePo4 battery pack system, the battery 12 5.5 Ah square monomer composition, having excellent low-temperature characteristics, the discharge capacity is contained hybrid lithium-ion battery discharge capability of 1.5 times the company before, the discharge power is higher than 10 seconds 10kW, 10 seconds charging power higher than 13kW. 48V system currently on the market is mainly used for blending weak micro hybrid vehicles, the lithium-ion battery development Hitachi Group to further explore the 48V system in the field of hybrid vehicles.Farther more lifePo4 as the storage batteries for solar powered portable generator.

100 times faster charging lithium ion battery. This lithium carbon nanotubes mixed with organic molecules are known as the TOT, as the cathode material. Due to the increased number of electrons, increases the speed of conductivity, can be charged and discharged more efficiently. This 1 cm in diameter coin-sized lithium battery 30 seconds after each charge, and the charge-discharge 5000, the performance don't decline. A large capacity battery electric car battery if you use this, you can significantly shorten the charging time. The newly developed lithium batteries can also be achieved strong current flow, so no capacitors. If you use this battery electric vehicles can reduce costs, improve acceleration performance.
 portable solar power generator
A new high-performance gel-type electrolyte, the electrolyte types can significantly improve the conductivity of lithium battery.By further using a high-capacity negative electrode material of silicon, the new lithium-ion battery not only significantly improve the battery capacity, but also become more slim appearance, soft, cover a large area. Meanwhile, the new li-ion battery is soft, malleable, it can be applied to market cars, houses, appliances, and other fields . Once this new lithium-ion battery successfully passed the test, then the future will be applied to many areas including cars, solar energy and housing markets.

The new lithium-ion (sodium ion) battery system will suitable for portable solar power generator and electric cars, all components are environmentally friendly non-polluting. And the battery system does not involve a redox electrode reaction of metal elements, which greatly reduces the manufacturing cost of the battery. The battery has a high energy density, high power density, long cycle life, high safety, excellent performance and low cost, the future could be used for wind power, solar power and other energy storage, smart grid peak load regulation and so on.
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