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Why Distributed Solar Power Generator Becoming The Trend ?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-22 14:55:16
Distributed PV power plants usually refer to solar power generation systems that are distributed around the user with decentralized resources and smaller installed capacity, typically connected to a grid of less than 35 kV or lower. Distributed solar power generator refers specifically to the use of PV modules, solar energy directly into electricity distributed solar power system. With the increasingly serious environmental problems in recent years, the global wind blowing green energy. While solar energy has become a trend in this well-deserved star. A piece of blue roof gradually gradually derived from all corners of the world, has become a national standard villa residents. It in the end what the charm, to become the trend of the city?

Global Green Energy Trends

In the just concluded G20 summit, many countries signed the "Paris Agreement" for global climate change issues have been taken seriously. Green energy gradually replaced the traditional consensus of kerosene power generation, and gradually spread in the world. Home distributed PV power plants per degree of electricity, equivalent to saving standard coal 0.4 kg, 0.947 kg of carbon dioxide emissions, with a very significant energy saving effect.

solar energy storage system

Trends in National Policy Subsidies

In terms of policy, distributed PV because it does not take up existing land, and make full use of the building's idle resources, so as the "13th Five-Year Plan" one of the 100 key projects. In terms of subsidies, household PV power station can get 0.42 yuan for each degree of state subsidies, subsidies for 20 years. In addition, there are corresponding local subsidies, such as subsidies on the Shanghai 0.4 yuan / kWh, subsidies for 5 years. From this we can see that the two countries in policy and subsidies both ways to increase the drive for the development of distributed PV!

Trend of building decoration

In the past in the design of the building, people tend to pursue the construction of sophisticated, complex European style, in the decoration is always blind pursuit of luxury retro style. At present, with the minimalist style of wind and windows are increasingly sought after, the roof of the solar energy storage system innovation to become the new standard of architectural design.
home solar power generator
In addition, there is a distributed PV technology invincible - cooling insulation. Because the solar panel itself, heat absorption properties, to ensure that the roof itself from the sun exposure, then the house will maintain a cooler thermostat, to achieve a real power saving effect. So in the summer 35 degrees high temperature, with distributed photovoltaic insulation, indoor temperature instantly dropped to 30 degrees. So the effect of energy-saving environmental protection, really let people unable to stop!

Investment and financial income trends

Since last year's stock market after the ups and downs, to the present is still brought to its knees. The real estate has been a series of the most stringent control policies introduced, but also allow the people can only discouraged. With the constant devaluation of the RMB, the demand for investment and financial management is increasing.The most low-risk high-return typical of distributed PV due to national policy support and local government subsidies, the annual income of about 15%, which for the roof of the residents is indeed a very suitable investment!
solar power generator

Distributed portable solar power generator follows the local conditions, clean and efficient, decentralized layout, the nearest use of the principle of full use of local solar energy resources to replace and reduce fossil energy consumption. Hope that the blue crystal around us more and more roofs, as we support a blue sky.

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