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Why PV Module Connector Failure ?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-02 17:53:59
This used lifePo4 batteries for solar power sotrage ,PV module junction box, small component connectors are not impressive. However, these two widgets if the quality doesn‘’t pass, it will be a huge security risk! May cause a fire, caused huge losses to the power plant.

Connector under flow-through conditions lead to increased resistance temperature increases and exceeds the plastic and metal parts can withstand a temperature range resulting in a fire. Therefore, the result of the failure of the connector and cause a fire made of plastic and metal pieces of shell interaction.

Failure Analysis metal part caused byportable solar power generator

Metal connector member is composed of body, it is the most important flow-through path. Run in a variety of environments, it is to ensure a stable resistance prerequisite connector working properly.

Failure Analysis of resistance Rco

Installation is not in place is one of the main factors Rco increase. Each company after mating connector in order to ensure the flow-through, lap length A-B segment is certain, the purpose is to ensure complete contact between two pieces of metal. If the installation is not in place in case the mating metal parts will appear abnormal, since the practical application value Rco beyond the design value,solar power portable generator system therefore the same current of heat generated at the site will increase occurs during assembly of the connector in turn lead to temperature increases, this situation will lead to a series of consequences because of high temperatures (such as oxidation, aging, etc.) and further. This vicious cycle brings the final result is that the connector burned.

Different companies cross connector plug

Companies mutual connector plug in the power plant applications widespread phenomenon, after visiting many power plants will find a power station and some even have an array of three cases of cross-connector plug, and many station owners and components manufacturers are not aware of its dangers . UL, TuV certification bodies clearly illustrate the different manufacturers are not interoperable plug connector, while the Australian standard AS5033 PV installed power plant is also clear that a manufacturer does not allow two kinds of mutual connector plug.
Portable Solar Power Generator System
Why different manufacturers can not be cross-connector plug?

Mutual inserted can not guarantee flow through the root causes of long-term exposure is not guaranteed effective core components. At the same time, different manufacturers with the seal when the housing complex will be because of the dimensions and tolerances caused by the failure of the original IP rating, and thus the connector uses internal environmental damage and lead to failure.In order to our safe if diy portable solar power generator don't use different  mannfacturer's connectors  together.
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