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Wholesale Best Portable Solar Power Generator For Camping

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 17:15:31
In the case of stagnant battery technology, portable solar power generator almost become essential accessories. Generally speaking, we have chosen the traditional mobile power lithium battery is built, you need to charge again. But in fact, if you have often in sunny outdoor or indoor sunlight, may wish to consider more environmentally friendly energy solar mobile power on the market in the mainstream portable solar mobile power were tested.

For solar power portable generator, the performance of the solar panels nature is the key. Test sites outside of Southern California wilderness, its abundant sunshine, the temperature is higher, using a piece of wood to a variety of mobile solar power is inclined to put the best position, the test time is 10:00 to 16:00, in order to to assess the ability to collect solar energy mobile power.
Portable Solar Power Generator System
2A has the highest current output sufficient to meet the needs of a variety of charging mobile devices, in addition to its ability to collect solar energy in similar models excellent performance in the test power collected for iPad Air provides approximately 5 hours of use 2. Its folding design is relatively easy to carry, while also equipped with a comprehensive interface.

Obviously, the smaller solar power portable generator and more compact is the more mobile of choice, but its price is slightly higher. It is only equipped with two solar charging panels, relatively limited ability to collect solar energy, in addition to its capacity use lifepo4, basically only to charge a mobile phone. However, it has a waterproof drop resistance design highly protective, outdoors as an emergency backup power supply is also an option. Partially transparent solar panels bump designed to capture a wider range of sunlight, matrix arrangement in the sun is refracted when, can also be partially captured, which makes light into electricity efficiency as high as 20%.

Solar charging panels, can be said to have been very popular, and can be portable household with portable solar power generator, every minute you can give your cell phone or electronic device is fully charged, you can set not seen! You can directly convert solar energy into electrical energy through the USB device to charge your cell phone. Only 260g weight (the weight of a bag of milk will) this smart charging plate holder removed in the case, and only the thickness of 2.2mm, whatever stuffed backpack on it, on an external junction box is equipped with a LED light intensity can be easily identified by the LED illumination intensity level, at the same time to make feedback allows you to maximize the irradiation position and find the best angle.
portable solar power generator
Also designed the back of an open bracket, the angle can be adjusted, the liberation of your hands! As a smart solar powered portable generator with solar charging panels, when your electronic device is fully charged, it will automatically disconnect when the light is insufficient, in order to avoid the intermittent charging damage the battery, will be automatically disconnected, environmental factors By permitting automatic restart can continue to charge, it does not require any manual operation, while the smart solar charging panels can also automatically identify the charging device, adjust the output power of the power supply, compatible with various types of electronic equipment. In addition, this intelligent charging plate is completely waterproof, waterproof nylon fabric, the back plate intelligent admission package also used the nylon zipper, so you can use in any outdoor environment.
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