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Which Kind Of Roof Suitable For Solar Power Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:37:52
Installation of solar powered portable generator systems, to meet their own demand for electricity in the premise of the remaining electricity sold to the national grid, eliminating the need for electricity, but also increase revenue, but also practice energy conservation, environmental protection, it can be said to serve multiple purposes. But not all are suitable for roof installation of photovoltaic power plants.

A separate roof or roof clear property rights
Construction of solar power generation system users need to have an independent right to use the roof. Thus, rural areas have independent roof villa residents is relatively easy to install them, or for multi-layer high-rise residential roof above the roof, is a common area does not belong to a single family, the whole building co-owners have the right to use. To the above construction of power stations, require the consent of the owners of the whole building. Otherwise, even if installed, grid companies do not give the grid.

Roof in good condition

For example, the front and rear without cover, good light, the roof has sufficient load-bearing and so on.

Occlusion caused by many factors, may be between floors, vegetation may be, may be between components. Do not underestimate the harm shelter, long-term component is blocked, affecting power plant generating capacity, longer payback period earnings.

Load-bearing roof photovoltaic power plant which need lifepo4 48V pack for storage power has been the beginning of the design must take into account the problem of the roof can withstand the weight of a solar power plant equipment is how to calculate it?

For example, a 3KW home rooftop solar power generator requires 150W solar panel 20, the weight of the solar panels is 240kg, stents, cement tiles weight of about 210kg, the bracket covers an area of 15 square meters, thus calculated pressure solar power portable generator equipment to the roof of 30kg / square meter. Household roofs generally bearing more than 30KG, for the installation of photovoltaic panels above is not much problem.

More than just a budget proposal may be a reference, and the photovoltaic business or professional installation company when portable solar power generator plant design will take full account of the fixed roof load, wind pressure load, snow pressure load, seismic load and the like. So generally do not worry.
Household PV power plant installation roof will leak?

Indeed leaking during the installation of photovoltaic power plant problems that need attention, waterproof work well, photovoltaic power plant was safe. General construction and installation process is now normal, not water damage to the roof, and made additional water treatment, but strengthened waterproof. Photovoltaic roof support bracket in the assembly, connected to the roof. Portable solar power generator is designed to use more on top of the roof the way, does not the original roof waterproofing perforated destruction; briquetting using prefabricated, not cast in situ. Such an approach avoids the destruction of the solar bracket rigid roofing layer.

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