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Which Charging Method is Best For LifePo4 Storage Batteries

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-12 17:29:55
Which Charging Method is Best For LifePo4 Storage Batteries

1. Charging System

A) Initial Charge

According to manufacturer's instructions using the initial charge.

B) Floating Charge

After the completion of the early LifePo4 Storage Batteries charging to float charging way into the size of normal operation, float current, according to the data specific instruction manual tuning, so that the battery pack maintains rated capacity when the portable solar power generator is working.

C) Equalizing Charge
E-bike Batteries Pack
The solar power portable generator used lifePo4 Storage Batteries in the long run floating charge, the individual behind the battery, the electrolyte density decreased, low voltage, a balanced charge method, the battery can be restored to the elimination of the vulcanization good running condition.

Equalizing charge procedure: first I10 current constant current charging of the batteries, when the LifePo4 Storage Batteries terminal voltage up to (2.30 ~ 2.33) VN, automatically or manually converted to constant voltage charging, when the charge current is reduced when the draw 0.1 I10 It can be considered battery capacity has been filled, and automatically or manually converted to float power mode.

2. Check the Discharge

Long-term floating charge parlor run LifePo4 Storage Batteries used for solar powered portable generator plate surface will gradually produce lead sulfate crystals (generally referred to vulcanization), clogged pores plate, hindering the penetration of the electrolyte, thereby increasing the internal resistance of the battery, reduce the role of the active substance in the plate. LifePo4 battery capacity dropped significantly, check the discharge, the battery can get activated, capacity restored, longer life and ensure the safe operation of power plants and substations.

3. To check the discharge procedure is as follows:

A) A group of LifePo4 Storage Batteries

Power plant or substation only one set of batteries, you can not quit running, can not be wholly check the discharge, only allows current I10 release 50% of its rated capacity during discharge, single battery voltage is not less than 1.9V. After discharge, shall immediately I10 current constant current charging, constant voltage charging VN turn when battery voltage reaches (2.30 - 2.33), when the charge current drops to 0.1 I10 current, should be turned into floating charge operation is repeated several after the discharge charging times can be considered to have been activated battery capacity has been restored.

B) Two sets of LifePo4 Storage Batteries
solar energy storage batteries
Power plants or substations, if having two lifePo4 batteries for solar power portable generator, then a run, another group of disconnected load, full check the discharge. Discharge current of the constant current I10. When the cell voltage of the termination voltage 1.8V, stop the discharge, the discharge process, note the terminal voltage of the battery pack, each battery terminal voltage, electrolyte density. If the LifePo4 Storage Batteries first check the discharge, on the release of the rated capacity, longer discharge after full capacity can be put into operation. If you put charge three times reached 80% less than the rated capacity of the battery which is best to portabel solar power generator can be sentenced to life in this group has been to, and arrange for a replacement.

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