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What's difference Solar Battery and Ordinary Storage Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-12 17:34:00
Solar power batteries are used in small current discharge, every day to accept the frequent charge-discharge, we need solid maintenance-free lead-acid battery plates thicker acid ratio is better. The large ordinary electric car batteries, are only suitable for instant exile electricity.
storage battery
Truly qualified, good performance battery, you must meet the following introduction level.

Product Features:
  • Accommodate a wide ambient temperature -30 to 45 ℃
  • Long life, usually 3--5 years
  • Explosion safety
  • No free electrolyte side down 90 degrees can still be used
  • Resistance is small, the current discharge characteristics of a good
  • Self-discharge
  • Charged the factory, easy to use
  • Unique formula, deep discharge recovery performance good
Cell structure

① Battery Terminals: high hardness alloy or copper silver lead-based terminals, good corrosion resistance, excellent electrical conductivity, high strength.

② Housing: ABS housing, sub-bonding and sealing two, the latter is particularly suitable for vibration, large changes in ambient temperature. Long battery life requires special occasions.
storage lifepo4 battery pack
③ Sealant: sealing technology using three times, the first layer is a lead sheath welded seal, pressure test after blocking pore sealant, finally sealed with red vinyl, ensure that no seepage acid battery defect during use.

④ Safety valve: The acid resistant EPDM rubber with excellent performance, ensure that the battery during use safety and reliability, it's suitable used in solar powered portable generator.

⑤ Plate: its grid using the excellent corrosion resistance of lead-calcium alloy tin-based polyol.

⑥ Baffle: Made of excellent acid resistant properties of ultra-fine glass fibers, to prevent short-circuiting the positive and negative, to maintain electrolyte tight oppression plate surface to prevent the active material shedding.

Battery Performance

① Large current discharge properties: NP series battery uses thin plates, the positive electrode plate thickness between 2.4-2.9mm, while using highly porous active substance formulation, plate surface area, which is suitable for large current discharge.

② Life: because NP series quality battery uses thin plates, the positive grid corrosion resistance is relatively poor, relatively short battery life, at an ambient temperature of 25 ± 5 ℃, in order to 5--8 years.

③ Sealing reaction efficiency: NP Series battery plates thin, number of pieces, large surface area, ease of sealing the reactor. At the same time such batteries smaller chambers, usually sealed reaction efficiency ≥98%.

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