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What is Vanadium Redox Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-12 10:29:55
Vanadium battery called the vanadium redox battery (Vanadium Redox Battery, abbreviated as VRB), is an active substance was circulating liquid redox battery.

Compared with other energy storage technologies, all vanadium flow battery energy storage technology because of its long life, large-scale, safe and reliable outstanding advantages, has become one of the preferred scale energy storage technology. In 2012, the United States to develop energy storage technology development plan has vanadium redox flow battery is listed first. It is reported that large-scale solar power battery has three basic requirements: high security, life cycle and life-cycle cost-effective and environment-friendly.
Lead-acid Batteries
As one of the current energy storage technology of choice, all-vanadium redox flow battery energy storage system safety, at normal temperature and pressure, the heat generated by the battery system can be effectively discharged through the electrolyte solution, and then through a heat exchange system to discharge the outside; and an electrolyte solution is not burning, no explosion of the aqueous solution, the system is safe.

Because vanadium redox flow battery energy storage system has many advantages, some industry analysts said the vanadium redox flow battery technology with future development potential immeasurable in the storage industry, is even possible to change the future energy landscape.

This time through the world's largest 5MW acceptance / 10MWh vanadium redox flow battery energy storage system, which is backed by 13 years of DICP Ltd. independent innovation and cooperation with Dalian Raycom energy storage technology development. Hope the flow battery also improve efficient of portable solar power generator. Analysts said that the successful operation of the demonstration project marks the vanadium redox flow battery technology has reached the international advanced level, which provides an effective technical support for the universal application of renewable energy has an important social and have a significant economic benefit.

Stack as a place to react with the electrolyte storage tank separately, to overcome the traditional battery self-discharge phenomenon fundamentally. Power depends only on the size of the stack, the capacity depends only on reserves and electrolyte concentration, the design is very flexible; when constant power to increase the storage capacity, only need to increase the volume of the electrolyte tank or increase the volume or concentration of electrolyte that is can, without changing the stack size; by replacing or adding the state of charge of the electrolyte to achieve "instant charge" purposes. Kilowatt to one hundred megawatt energy storage power station, can be used to build adaptable.
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