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What is Solar Powered Protable Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-22 14:23:38
Solar powered protable generator, solar mobile power, also known as compatible, including: solar panels, charge controller, the discharge controller, mains charge controller, inverter, external expansion interfaces and expansion batteries. Photovoltaic solar powered portable generator and able to work in the normal power modes, and can automatically switch. PV is widely used portable power, emergency relief, tourism, military, geological exploration, archeology, schools, hospitals, banks, gas stations, integrated building, highway, substations, family camping and other outdoor activities or emergency power supply equipment ideal.
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The Main Function of Portable Solar Power Generator

DC output: The system provides two 12-volt DC output socket for current less than 10 A load. The solar powered protable generator system can directly drive an external 12V power socket in less than 100W, 12-volt power electrical equipment, such as portable computers, walkie-talkie; light output portable solar power generator is equipped with a highly efficient LED or LCD lighting, brightness equivalent to 16W energy-saving lamps;

AC output: The solar powered protable generator provides an AC 220V outlet, this outlet through isolation, and because they do not care even if a shock does not occur when you touch 220V power, can be used to drive the power consumption of less than 800W of electrical appliances;

LifePo4 Solar battery charging mode: the system of photovoltaic modules placed in direct exposure to sunlight can charge the battery; charging mode Mains status under this system with a 220-volt AC input socket, in the absence of sunlight indoors or on the battery charge. External expansion interface to the system and is equipped with two container terminals, external high-capacity battery can work.

The portable solar power generator according to the size of the output power, and solar portable power generator have SDE1205 SDE1210 two series, which, SDE1205 series rated output power of 500W, SDE1210 series rated output power of 1000W.
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Optional Points For Solar Powered Protable Generator

Portable solar power generator, storage batteries and standard accessories special three-part composition. The first two are the key to influence product quality and performance of the power supply in the purchase process for a key consideration.
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