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What is Solar Energy Generation System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-11 16:58:51

Solar power generation system, also known as solar energy storage system, solar energy is converted to electrical energy through the solar charge controller to power the load, while to the battery pack.



Solar power generation systems, also known as solar power systems, solar energy is converted to electrical energy through the solar charge controller to power the load, while giving the lifepo4 battery pack; in the absence of sunlight through the solar charge controller from the battery to the DC load power supply, but also the battery directly to the individual inverter power supply, through a separate inverter is inverted into AC power to the AC load.

System Principle

Sun light in the semiconductor p-n junction, forming a new hole - electron pairs, under the action of p-n junction of the electric field, holes from the n region to the p region, electrons from the p region to the n region, after turning the circuit form a current. This is the photovoltaic solar cell works.
Solar Energy Generation System
A solar power generator solar power in two ways, one is light - heat - electricity conversion mode, the other is light - electric direct conversion method.

(1) light - heat - electricity conversion mode through the use of thermal power generated by solar radiation, usually from the solar collectors to heat absorbed by the working fluid is converted into steam, and then drive steam turbine power generation. Before a process is light - thermal conversion process; after a process is heat - electricity conversion process.

(2) light - electric direct conversion approach is the use of the photoelectric effect, the direct conversion of solar radiation into electrical energy, light - the basic electrical conversion device is a solar cell. Since the solar cell is a photovoltaic effect and solar energy directly into electrical energy device, a semiconductor photodiode, when the sun light to the photodiode, the photodiode will be the sun's light energy into electrical energy generated current. When the number of batteries connected in series or parallel can become a relatively large output power of the PV array.

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