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What is Solar Power Supply System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-14 11:55:34
Infrastructure includes a solar battery module and the control room of the building foundation. Solar lifePo4 batteries modules can be installed on the ground, it can also be installed on the roof. If the PV array installed on the ground, in the design and construction of the candidates need to consider the seismic design of buildings (refer to the national standard "Seismic Design of Buildings" GBJ 11-89) solar battery modules Foundation Class C building, subject to the following requirements:

① When selecting construction sites, shall select the hard soil or open house, flat, dense, even in hard soil;

② The same structural unit should not be set on a different foundation soil;

③ Oil soft foundation clay, soil liquefaction, when newly filling or serious uneven soil, should take measures to strengthen the foundation of integrity and rigidity raspberries;

④ Strength grade concrete block, the block should not be less than the MU10, small blocks of not less than MU5, masonry mortar strength grade of not less than M5;

⑤ Strength grade of concrete not less than C20;

⑥ Foundation seismic check

⑦ Should take certain measures for the presence of liquefied soil foundation based on ground liquefaction rating:
A . When using deep foundations, foundation ground were buried below the depth of liquefaction stable coating depth should not be less than 500mm;
B. When using encryption (such as Vibro vibration encryption, compaction, etc.) reinforcement, should be addressed to the depth of the lower bound of liquefaction and post-processing standard soil penetration Found blow count should be greater than the corresponding critical value;
C. All excavated soil liquefaction.
Building foundation construction

⑧ Permafrost regions.
In Tibet, Qinghai and Xinjiang, there is a large children's permafrost regions. Foundation should design a solar cell module for seasonal frozen ground and permafrost foundations were designed and calculated, the reference 'test, "Building Foundation Design Code permafrost region basis"] GJ 118-98.

⑨ For components based on concrete foundation technical specifications of the mounting bracket.
A . mixing ratio based on the coagulation of 1: 2: 4 (cement, glue stone, water), use 42 or finer cement, glue each stone block size is 20mm or less;
B. Base size recommendations 50 X 500 X 400mm (L W H). If you find loose soil scene, to a corresponding increase in the depth of the foundation.
C. On the surface of the base to be at the same level, flat and smooth.
D. Four base bracket four support legs used should be maintained at the same level Lei rods embedded base.
E. Should be required on the basis of the center is properly positioned, also pay attention to maintaining a vertical screw, do not tilt.
F. Ccrews embedded on the basis of the base rod should Gao concrete surface 50mm. Make sure that the concrete foundation protruding screw thread on the clean.
G. Note that each subassembly bracket base between two orientation and size. Recommended to install a bracket (not to install the solar cell module), the four brackets to the appropriate location, based on the construction mark.

⑩ If solar cell modules installed on the roof does not need to consider the case of frozen soil, but to consider anti-shock technology needs for housing and bracket.

Grounding and lightning protection design of solar power portable generator

Solar photovoltaic power plant for the three mine buildings, lightning protection and grounding involves the following aspects.

① Select the power plant sites.

② Avoid the construction of photovoltaic power plants in the power and ease of W prone position of being struck by lightning.

③ Try to avoid falling on the projection of the solar cell module lightning rod.

④ Prevent lightning induction control room all metal objects including equipment, racks, metal pipes, metal sheath of the cable must be grounded, metal objects each have a separate trunk to the ground, and then allowed the series to the ground trunk on.

⑤ Prevent lightning invasion wave in qualifying pole mount valve type arrester for low voltage of 220V/380V can use the low pressure valve type arrester. To be installed at the outlet of each loop and the zero line. The introduction of indoor overhead metal pipes and cables in the case of the skin at the entrance Qian reliable grounding, impact resistance should not be greater than 300. Grounding way can be used welding, if there is no way to use welding, bolting may be used.

⑥ Grounding system requires all ground to be connected to a grounding, grounding resistance meet its minimum and does not allow the device series and then connected to the ground lines.

PV power plant on the grounding resistance requirements more stringent, and therefore the measured data, we recommend the use of composite grounding.

⑦ PV power plant requirements for electrical equipment grounding resistance grounding zero connection to meet and work ground shield grounding requirements.

In the neutral grounding system, to repeat the ground, R 70
Grounded PV systems include the following

① lightning protection and grounding including lightning, lightning arrester and a low pressure zone, outside pole qualifying porcelain iron legs and metal sheath cable connection overhead lines.

② grounding inverter, battery secondary coil neutral point voltage transformer and current transformer.

③ protective grounding PV module racks, controllers, inverters, power distribution panel housing, battery holder, cable jacket, pipe threading metal sheath.

④ shielding ground electrical equipment metal shield.

⑤ Repeat on the ground and low voltage overhead lines, at every lkm ground.

⑥ air terminals can be used 12mm round, if the lightning belt, use round or flat steel, round diameter not less than 48mm, thickness should be not less than 4mm2.

⑦ deflectors using round or flat, should give priority to round diameter not less than 8mm, flat steel sectional should not be less than 4mm.

⑧ artificial vertical grounding grounding device should be used angle iron, steel or round. Level of grounding should adopt the flat or round. Round diameter should not be less than l0mm, flat cross-section of not less than? 100mm2, angle steel thickness not less than 4mm, portable solar power generator steel thickness not less than 3? 5mm. Artificial grounding in the soil buried in the depth of not less than 0.5mm need galvanized anti-corrosion treatment, welding place also perform corrosion preventive treatment.

⑨ install surge protectors according to the actual situation.

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