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What Is Ideal Solar Power Battery ?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-22 15:35:55
An ideal solar power battery for solar power portable generator (also sometimes referred to as a photovoltaic cell or LED) means for a given monochromatic radiation, it can be run in reverse at a particular fluence. Envision such an ideal position to land his solar the cavity having a fully reflecting walls of. make it in contact with a thermal reservoir, in order to maintain a constant temperature over both solar radiation absorption and emission of radiation, it is full of Planck's thermal radiation within the cavity, provided its spectrum distribution), but when the radiation is completely off.

As the semiconductor material is not absorbed: radiation, so it is a plus if a selective emitter of a constant external voltage U at both ends of the ideal solar power battery and battery is nothing more than both radiative transitions, no ohmic resistance, the battery. will produce a short transient current density J (t). with the P-N junction on both sides of the built-in electrostatic field increases or decreases, the photo-generated carriers complex circumstances change, so the cavity radiation regret energy density also changes. in this case it is easy to derive the spectral distribution of the new R v and its related and known as the luminescent radiation LED. for this purpose, so that the cavity and the other cavity coupling the same together, the latter contains a temperature T can be adjusted blackbody radiation in the cavity between the two can be used by a frequency and bandwidth v Wei is separated from the optical filter Av. 7M officials have adjusted for a given R, there is no current through the LED, so that in two opposite directions (i.e., from the container by the container 1-2 and 2-1) of the first sub-stream is identical density.
Now suppose that there is a steady stream of net radiant energy from the Mau 2-1 through unit area of filter container, only the following two conditions are satisfied, it almost does not change the solar power generation system state of equilibrium: junction solar power battery load characteristic curve at any point on a curve is called injury point, the connection between the work and the origin point is called the load line and the load line and so that is the inverse of the slope and the abscissa P, "the operating point of the operating voltage, ordinate as the operating current density is the point when adjusted to a value where the load resistor tie, the points on the curve can get its corresponding work ashamed current density and electrical work largest product, namely the maximum power density that is typically referred to as the optimum operating point M-point too W battery (or the maximum power density point], nine for the most pass: r loud noise current density was the best I: operating voltage, resistance is the best work.

Therefore, in order to mention Gao efficiency of solar power batterys, it is necessary to improve the molecule open-circuit voltage and short circuit current density of the fill factor of the three basic parameters, and between the three # phase through volume often is constrained, that is, if one-sided improve one might therefore reduce the other, so that not only did not improve the overall efficiency or rather decreased? must be fully taken into account in the choice of material and design technology department, and strive to make the three parameters of the product takes the maximum value according to the above can enjoy nature ideal solar power battery for portable solar power generator derived basic theory of P-N, you can consider adopting the following measures for improvement, in order to improve the ideal solar photoelectric conversion rate Min.

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