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What Are The Advantages Of Magnesium Ion Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-08 09:53:56
Manganese oxide battery electrodes (Mn2O4) in, Mg2 + can be easily and reversibly embedded LiMn2O4, compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries not only improve the energy density, safety and cost are reduced,how magnesium ion batteries do this ?

In the lifePo4 batteries, a single charge of the lithium ions flow between the two electrodes, electrons flow in the external circuit. If too much lithium ions between two atomic layers, the atomic structure of the electrode may change, this is about the charge of battery. Manganese oxide battery electrodes (Mn2O4), with two positively charged magnesium ions (Mg2 +) may be provided in each of the two electrons in the intercalation is twice without irreversible deformation of the electrode material of the same density of current. This study shows that, Mg2 + can easily reversible embedded LiMn2O4. After using Mg2 + embedded intercalation advantages negative battery systems, the energy density is twice or even more times of lithium batteries on the market.

Battery consists of two kinds of positive and negative electrode, usually two electrodes separated by an insulator. When using the battery, the lifePo4 battery current flows in the external circuit, the internal battery charged atoms flowing between two electrodes. Inserting too many ions into the electrolyte from the electrode will cause the atomic structure of the electrode, limiting the ability of the battery charge. Using Mg2 + ions instead of singly charged lithium-ion battery, its energy density and ion intercalation potential will increase.
At present, the magnesium battery of the most important challenges is to find the ability to store large amounts of Mg2 + ion cathode material. The study also showed that, Mn2O4 having a spinel structure is the ability to store large amounts of Mg2 + ion cathode material. Alliant Energy Storage Research Center researchers found that magnesium can easily reversible intercalation electrode, the scientists used four techniques to describe this phenomenon.

Such intercalation can be analyzed using the element is visible under an electron microscope. X-ray diffraction analysis confirmed the atomic structure of the electrode after intercalation was deformed. Nuclear magnetic resonance and X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) further confirmed the presence of magnesium intercalation. This study confirms the validity of embedded Mg2 + in the positive electrode material in the battery. Mg2 + using embedded intercalation battery over conventional lithium-ion batteries, not only improve the energy density, but also improve the safety of the battery, reducing costs.Maybe in future we could use magnesium ion battery for solar power portable generator.

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