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Voltage Three-phase Full-bridge Square Wave Inverter

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-30 16:40:20
Voltage three-phase full-bridge square wave inverter circuit. This inverter has three advantages: First, the capacity can be done than the three-phase half-bridge type, and second, you can adjust the phase angle between the two legs to adjust the voltage difference; Third, with asymmetric load capacity than the three-phase half-bridge inverter.So most solar power generator systems are used this.

Three-phase Gui Bridge inverter is a combination of three single-phase Gui Bridge inverter. Which are respectively controlled by three sets of drive pulse signals which are shifted from each other by a phase angle of 120° so that the output voltages of each of the single-phase full-bridge inverters are different from each other by 120°. At the same time, the output voltage of each phase of the reverse current waveform and the value and single-phase full-bridge square wave inverter is exactly the same. Three-phase full-bridge square-wave inverter generally through the transformer output, you can use single-phase transformer output, you can also use three-phase transformer output.

With single-phase transformer output

When using a single-phase transformer output, the primary winding of each output transformer is connected between its corresponding two-leg midpoint of the single-phase full-bridge inverter (or as the diagonal of each phase bridge on-line). In this case, the transformer secondary windings can only be connected to a triangle. So that the passing of the zero-sequence harmonics can be avoided.

To use three-phase transformer output

Three-phase full-bridge square-wave inverter can be seen as two-phase half-bridge inverter composed of two. Half-bridge inverter ABC, the switch V3, V4, V7, V8, V11, V12, composed of half-bridge inverter abc, the phase voltage is trapezoidal wave. In each three-phase half-bridge inverter, the output transformer primary connection are two, namely the star connection and triangle shaped connection. In this case, the three-phase output transformer in each phase must have two insulated primary winding, the transformer's two primary windings are connected into a star, of course, can also be connected into a triangle, the transformer Secondary windings connected to a star! Can be connected star load, you can also access the triangle load.
Two separate three-phase half-bridge square-wave inverters are provided by two, if two independent users are individually connected to the ABC output (or the abc output) , When the primary winding of the three-phase output transformer is connected between the midpoints of the two arms of the single-phase bridge inverter (or on the diagonal of the single-phase bridge ), the three core legs The magnetic circuit of the transformer forms the three phases into a common solar power generator system, in which case the primary winding is connected in a special way.

In practice, the voltage output between the two legs of each single-phase bridge inverter is a square wave voltage with a pulse width of 180°, and the values of the three phases are equal. Today we take portable solar power generator for traveling and camping are use this .Therefore, the magnetic flux generated by the primary winding changes linearly in the same interval, which is easy to understand. Therefore, a change in the magnetic flux is again caused in the A-phase core column. As a result, zero-sequence harmonics are induced in all the secondary windings of the transformer and short-circuit currents flow through the primary windings. Therefore, in this case is not allowed to use three-core column transformer. In the second mode connection, the primary zero point of the two three-phase half-bridge inverters ABC and abc can not be connected together when the transformer is connected in the second way.
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