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Ultra-wide Thin Lithium Belt Used For Rechargeable LifePo4 Batteries

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 17:23:04
The new lifepo4 batteries for a specific type and model, Yuan Peng said, for reasons of confidentiality, temporarily convenient to disclose. But he also pointed out that this new type of lifePo4-ion battery capacity is 4-5 times that of ordinary lifePo4 batteries, and the structure is more stable, secure, currently used in the field of power and energy storage, like portable solar power generator.

"At present, the use of ordinary lifePo4 batteries for electric vehicles, mileage is generally 100-200 km, while the use of this new type of lifePo4 battery, mileage can reach 500-800 kilometers." Yuan Peng introduced in the overall performance, the new lifePo4 similar to the current battery forefront of lifePo4-sulfur batteries, but more practical, future market and more widely. On the other hand, the core material - Production of lifePo4 with the technical requirements also high.
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Other new ionic liquid solvent such as oxidation resistance, has good ionic conductivity and oxidation resistance, is an excellent solvent of  lifePo4 batteries, but their prohibitive large-scale promotion. Blocking the electrolyte and electrolyte direct contact methods include coating cathode material, cathode film forming additives. Coated cathode material and additives research is very large, the effect is very obvious, is the future of an important means to enhance oxidation resistance.

Lithium is a highly reactive metal, lifePo4 band itself is very soft, sticky, to suppress its ultra-thin form wide, extremely difficult. Technical team Kun Yu lifePo4 batteries for solar powered portable generator, early in the last century to get involved in the production of lifePo4 materials in recent years, through technical research, and further understand the electrolysis, purification, extrusion molding and other aspects of the core technology. Its production of various types with lifePo4, lifePo4 and other grain products, exports to the United States, Britain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and other countries, widely used in energy, medical, aerospace and other fields.

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