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Ultra High Energy Density Lithium-ion Cylindrical Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-11 16:01:30
High energy density, single battery energy density of 220Wh / kg or more, by cell materials and battery systems design solution enables high-energy quantization 18650 battery, including:

High specific capacity high nickel cobalt manganese lithium nickel or nickel-cobalt-aluminum material lithium cathode material and high specific capacity artificial graphite or silicon-carbon anode materials; and the development of adaptation with a high voltage for a silicon negative electrode and an electrolyte electrolyte materials, battery materials through system integration and optimization, to improve battery energy density and good cycle stability, improve the cost-effective use of 18650-type battery; it is lifepo4 battery pack.

cylindrical battery
Reducing the thickness of the positive and negative current collector; to solve the battery safety problem by coating the negative type collector, reducing non-electrochemically active material while ensuring battery safety performance, taking into account the electrochemical performance and safety to meet the electric car the need to use; at the same time, it also can be apply in portable solar power generator.
Lithium Cylindrical Battery
Optimization of cell structure, reduce the amount of conductive agent and a binder, the amount of the membrane, reducing the mass and volume of the electrochemically active material of the battery Central Africa, to improve the energy density of the LEP battery.
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