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Trump to Win the US President Companies to Stimulate PV Fell Across The Board

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-11 14:56:22
In the Donald Trump (Donald Trump) was elected the new president and put up his two thumbs, the PV listed company shares are straight down.

Photovoltaic company ATS (CSIQ.NSDQ), which has a production base in China, slumped 13.49% to US $ 11.52 on Nov. 9, while Sunpower fell 14.17% to 6.3 in the US (JKS.NYSE) fell 8.44 percent to 14.1 US dollars, Yingli New Energy (YGE), Trina Solar Energy (TSL) also fell one after another. Trump has always been a grudge against the new energy, the aspirations of the White House after he may withdraw from the Paris agreement to overturn the ITC (investment tax credit) policy, to develop oil and shale gas, these concerns so that investors reacted strongly, had to Quickly sell the stock in hand.So we have no ideal the solar power generator in future.
pv power system in the northwest
PV has always relied on government support, tax relief, increased subsidies to allow the industry to survive and expand. But the emergence of Trump, let people worry ITC policy can not continue to take effect. The ITC policy, which began in 2005, suggests that investment in PV projects can enjoy a 30% investment tax credit and extend it to 2019, and then continue downward adjustment until 2021. For a longer period of time, . However, a number of analysts believe that, ITC is to determine the US local policy, although the impact is not as big as the Paris agreement, but to take the implementation of the new energy incentive policy operation, precedent is not much. In the early hours of 10 am US time, San Francisco, New York and other major streets were occupied by a large number of demonstrators, they can not accept the Trump "encircle the city" vote ballot counterattack. If Trump just came to power to take a series of extreme measures to rewrite the clean energy pattern, no doubt will be fully shelled. Living in Cincinnati, in the photovoltaic industry, Michelle told reporters: "If the cancellation of part of the policy, the PV suspended development, which is obviously with his claim to improve the US economy, people find more work to run counter to the argument.

PV is not optimistic about Trump

The future, Trump will vigorously promote the oil and gas business, and natural gas power generation may snatch away similar to photovoltaic, wind power and other parts of the market. According to GTM Research, in 2016 the US PV market is expected to grow 119%, is expected to be installed capacity of 16GW, more than doubling in 2015, and 2021, the cumulative installed market will exceed 100GW. Although this new energy policy based on the existing speculation may not have great ups and downs, but expect new stimulus policies appear, almost impossible. As the most inconceivable new President, Trump has said that green energy is like an expensive, self-feel good environmentalists. "The motivation to promote renewable energy is wrong, people mistakenly believe that global climate change is caused by carbon emissions, while the hottest photovoltaic power generation mode of operation is to install the battery after a few years after you can get back the money, This is not a good investment. "The financial professional background, like the rapid recovery of cash real estate tycoon said.
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He also strongly criticized the wind energy project: "This is also an industrial monster, monster can not continue to receive government subsidies.The windmill also destroyed the coastline around the world, the economic efficiency is not very good." But in the environmentalists view, special Longpei for the understanding of the new energy market is rough and no vision. However, as Trump's debut, the most affected are the United States as the main battlefield of the company. To Artes, for example, the company in the first half of fiscal 2016 revenue of $ 1,527,000,000, an increase of 1.99%; earnings of $ 62,963,000, down 20.49%. The Americas region, including the US market revenue of $ 695.2 million, accounting for 45.51%. Artes is a progressive out of the European PV market, the representative of the American enterprise. Only about 10% of the Americas in 2010 the proportion of the situation in 2014 and 2015 reversed, 60.6% of total income, 50% from the Americas.

Trina Solar in the same trenches, the United States as the largest shipments of components shipped in 2015 4.8GW, accounting for 33.1%, higher than China's 29.9%. At that time, the company expects the US market in this year's component shipments still account for 30% to 33% of the company's share of China, but the proportion dropped to 24% to 27%. US companies also can not avoid the dark prospects of Trump after the election. Elon Musk as the founder of Solarcity (SCTY.NYSE) on the 11th also suffered a 4.03% decline in share prices. In the future, Masco will Solarcity model into electric vehicles and energy storage batteries, photovoltaic tiles and other integrated integration strategy, so Solarcity will also be appropriate to reduce the PV side of the new government shelved by the cold sense.
lifepo4 solar storage batteries
Trump has been selected in May this year, North Dakota Republican, climate change skeptic Kevin Kramer as an energy policy adviser, shale gas and natural gas will receive more attention.

In Trump's first US energy plan, the US should use 50 trillion dollars of undeveloped shale gas, oil, natural gas and clean coal reserves as energy. US energy use should remain completely independent, and no longer from any OPEC oil-importing countries to import energy, we can use their own natural gas resources without having to rely on foreign oil. The United States is also a natural energy-rich country, with 2 trillion barrels of oil, enough to use 283 years, the oil is there, we just use it. Trump said the United States should also open onshore and offshore federal land leases. It expects shale gas production to add 2 million jobs to the US in seven years, the oil and gas industry to 10 million high-income jobs and 400,000 new jobs each year.

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